Magic carpet mushroom for sale


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Apr 29, 2020
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I’m selling a magic carpet mushroom I cut a week ago. Will be ready in a week it’s almost healed up. 250 local only
I also have some pretty zoas / palys. Single and double poly frags. 10/15$ for two polyp frags.

F54E71DB-BDC6-45DC-AC6D-5FB27EFE679A.jpeg F9620B65-10FA-457D-A8E7-FDCD23340C65.png 0DC3A61D-863C-481E-8B7F-41DD76B82AC7.jpeg F7C0975D-4345-48F9-8573-BF95F49EBC64.jpeg 27FBF3A4-82AC-469E-8AD7-033C321011C4.jpeg
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