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Mp40 Reef Octopus Pump AI 52Hydra AI Nero

Tom Swell

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Jun 30, 2016
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I have a few items for sale. **PM me if interested. Thanks.**

1 x Ai Nero 5 (used for 1 months) $175 shipped
1 x Ai 52 Hydra 52HD (used for 7 months) $380 shipped
1 x AI Hydra Mounting Kit $60 shipped
1 x Simplicity 240DC - Test it for 2 weeks $215 shipped
2 x Hanna ph/EC/TDS tester $80 shipped each

2 x Aquamaxx HOB (Broken on the hanging portion of the tube from the body) see pic. Used for parts. Let me know which one you want based not the images attached. $40obo each plus shipping
1 x hanna calcium $25 shipped. Comes with a new reagent kit. (does not turn on)

2 x MP40 $325 shipped each
1 x Reef Octopus Classic 100 HOB Skimmer - Opened to check it out $170 shipped
2 x Reef Octopus Classic 110int Skimmer - Opened to check it out $170 shipped
1 x Varios 2 Reef octopus Pump $180 shipped.
4 x Reefflux ReefHD - get rid of Algae $13 shipped for each bottle or $45 shipped for all 4.

Have you ever used a spoon, hose and rubber band together to remove algae?

  • YES

    Votes: 12 4.7%
  • NO

    Votes: 128 50.6%
  • What the heck? (see the thread)

    Votes: 113 44.7%

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