MY 20 gallon build


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Mar 19, 2020
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This is a little late by that I mean a year overdue but better late than never I have a 20-gallon high tank from Petco with an Ai prime hang on the back filter with only filter floss (polyester filling) macro rock live sand Fiji pink by Carib sea. Livestock 2 clownfish Male mocha storm clown Female percula clownfish leopard wrasse and a mandarin dragonette. Inverts A bunch of little Green btas left behind from a big bta that I thought died blue legged hermit crabs bumble snails nassarius snail a conch and two peppermint shrimp. Corals Currently I have purple monster zoas fire and ice zoas gsp that is kinda white right now in around 100-175 par green fl ricordea an orange fl ricordea kryptonite candy cane coral 3 acans gold hammer purple stlyophora red plating Monti and a Jedi mind trick encrusting Monti the tank is around a year old will post pics later also running a wave link from innovative marine the medium size on lowest speed in sine mode
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