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Oct 25, 2020
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Central Illinois
So for our anniversary me and my lady decided on giving a shot at another saltwater build we had a biocube for a little over 6mo before moving into the house we have now. We found a local hobbyist near us getting our of it so we decided that it was time. It was a 57gal rimless center overflow with the holes at the bottom. Stocked with some leathers, mushrooms, and zoas. We were going to get it for a steal. So last Saturday we loaded up and went and got it. The main display was in the living room and plumbed to the basement. We decided to start on the bottom, drain the sump, gathered everything and put it in the truck(This man has been in the hobby for 10+ years, there was a lot he gave to us). Got upstairs and my game plan was to fill coolers with water, put coral in one and the single clown into the bucket with a bubbler for air. When we got all done with that we were going back into get the stand and the owner says the stand has to stay, as it is built into the wall. At this point my entire plan had went out the window. I was not prepared to have a stand ready, nor could I just back out of the deal after we had already tore this entire system apart. So with this in mind we went home, my buddy had a HOB filter we could use and a makeshift stand for the mean time. With that being said i didn't have the time or the recourses to build a stand or find one to buy in the area. Sunday comes and a buddy comes over and sees what mess I've gotten myself into. We see if it can be salvaged, and have no luck. So he has a Nuvo 20gal all-in-on and i have a very mature Green Nepthea that he wants, so we traded. I managed to save a few corals and fragged a few i could save cleaning out the 57gal. I have a kessil a80 that i have on the 20gal, with another one ordered with the controller. A curve ball was thrown at us but I like the spot that we are in with the 20gal, i currently am cleaning the 57 in the basement(starting on it soon). It has corals all up the overflow and along the back glass that have hardened over it(any help would be appreciated). I will post pictures of the progress soon.
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