My experience with Monster Reef on facebook....a nightmare.


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May 30, 2009
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I have to share this with this group. This is my personal experience with Monster Reef LLC. On December 12th Monster Reef put up a raffle to a Croc Island scoly at $25 per spot for 25 spots- so $625. I bit and bought a spot as did the other 24 unfortunate souls. I believe several people bought multiple spots and the raffle filled very quickly. On that same day I purchased another spot for $13.50 in a euphillia winner's choice raffle. Now I had purchased slots in several other raffles and once even won a $20 "store credit". I had purchased several corals in Direct Sales off of his FB page- @$350.00 combined on 2 separate orders and raffles in the past. No problems with his services or shipping on those transactions what so ever. So this $38.50 on these 2 raffles was a very minor gamble. Matt unfortunately got caught up on this Croc Island Scoly raffle though- he was trying to raffle the coral and he hadn't even purchased it from Eye Catching Coral. Another vendor purchased it and through other members of Monster Reef I found out about it. I simply asked for a refund on the raffle. After a few days of the drawing not happening there was a single post by his wife that he was at the doctors/ER due to a surgery and complications. Literally days went by and NO word or replies- nothing- this was a guy who was on FB non stop posting and putting up multiple videos a day. So I understand SOMETHING had to of happened. 2 weeks pass and no posts, then on the 3rd week some cryptic hard to read posts about being on a morphine drip and not able to use the phone/internet possibly not being able to continue the coral sales was posted. He did put members on blast that were questioning why that raffle was posted when he never even had the scoly. He told the group that he never sold anything that he didn't have- yet he promised everyone that they would get refunded because he had put the coral in his cart but the wholesaler sold it to the other vendor. All this time others had seen my request for a refund so they started sharing their stories of raffles won and corals not shipped, or corals paid for and not shipped. Some were orders/values over $200-$300, so not a ton in the scope of reefing but still not a good look or way to do business. So finally today There was a single post that he was coming home this past Friday 01/04/19. So I send a Paypal money request for my refund- it was immediately cancelled. Then a post today that he's been in to the doctor all week long and that a shipping calendar would be put up on Sunday for shipments to start again next week. I simply asked "What about refunds?" apparently that was enough to get me banned from his page/group. I have sent 2 money requests since he's been "home" both were cancelled immediately or within minutes of being sent. So while I hope his health recovers, his actions have really cost him as far as I am concerned. I am attaching screen shots of the Paypal transaction showing the money sent and the refund requests being cancelled. So buy at your own risk and you can't say you weren't warned if you lose money.

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Jul 25, 2017
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Sorry about your problem. The screen shots did not show up.

Edit, never mind about the screen shots, you must have been sending a second post as I was writing.

Anna Mercer

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Sep 15, 2018
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Wow. I never had issues with them but then again the last time I purchased from them was October I think. I was just looking for them on Facebook and nothing. That led me here. Sorry for your troubles with them, I hope it works out. Thanks for the heads up!

James Hammett

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Jan 29, 2018
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Maize, KS.
It was all very strange. I am a teacher in Kansas and Matt and his Monster reef group funded and donated a 75 Gallon Reef to my classroom along with a ton of dry goods. They were very generous with my students and we are thankful. I through word of mouth sent many reefers i've met to his FB site (Some of who lost hundreds when he vanished). I think the guy has a good heart and good intentions but not the best business sense and when he got in over his head with his new brick and mortar store, didn't know how to handle it. I will say my students are still benefiting from his generosity and that of the people who were his regular customers who donated to our kids. Hope he and his family are ok.

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