My first "SaltyBae" reef build!


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Dec 14, 2023
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Hey fellow reefers!

I thought I would share some info on my new reef tank. I have been keeping freshwater fish for over two years (55gal So. American planted high-tech, 9gal planted inhabited by tetras, 5 gal planted neo shrimp tank). I started my first marine aquarium ~3 months ago. I can say without hesitation that I am madly in love with it! Almost makes me think why didn't I jump into saltwater sooner/first! I guess we all have to start somewhere. I am dreaming of the day I setup a 120+ gal reef!

Here is a breakdown of my reef tank so far:

-40gal breeder
-25-30lb live rock
-Fluval 307 (I know, I's not a sump)
-Hydor Nano Skimmer
-Hydor In-line 300W heater
-Red Sea ReefATO+
-Red Sea ReefWave 25
-Aquaillumination Prime 16HD reef (2x)
-Hang-on-back AquaClear 30 refugium with Chaeto)
-Eheim pump for auto water changes

I am going for a LPS/softies dominated reef, with a couple of SPS to try.
CUC: 3 hermit crabs, 2 conch, 3 turbo snails, 5 margarite snails, 4 nessarius snails.
Fish: 1 Hoeven's Wrasse, 1 orange-spotted blenny, 1 yellow watchman goby, 2 clowns, 4 Green Chromis
Inverts: Porcelain crab, cleaner shrimp, fire shrimp
Nems: Bubble tip anemone, rock anemone

Water parameters:
pH: 8.2
Alk: 8.7
Salinity: 1.026
Calcium: 440
Magnesium: 1350
Phosphate: 0.1
Ammonia: 0
Nitrite: 0
Nitrate: 15-25

Reef On!

Fishy Guy

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Dec 7, 2023
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Awesome and I second the picture request!

I started my first reef tank about a month and a half ago after getting my start on the freshwater planted side as well. I've got a 75g high-tech and a 20g long low-tech with neo shrimp. There has been a lot of new stuff and concepts to learn but I'm really thankful for my freshwater experience just for being familiar with basic aquarium upkeep and maintenance; it's really eased the transition.

Good luck with your tank, I look forward to following along.

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