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Need fish pharmacist


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Apr 10, 2016
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Hi , I had a sailfin for over two years. Quite the character. Lately, I noticed his right gill looks red and inflamed. The left gill, less so. The gills, especially on the right, are protruding somewhat and he does seem to respire more quickly than I remember. His appetite is great and so is activity.
I started kanaplex and focus in his food ( in display ) on Sunday eve. I should have asked the experts before starting this but I was stupid and I need advice now.
So he's had three days in a row of kanaplex and focus. I read that it should be every other day. (Mistake#1) Should I continue to dose kanaplex but switch to the 48 hour schedule? For how many more days.It's very difficult to tell i f there is improvement, so I would like to dose metroplex and focus but would this be mistake #2? What would the dosage of metroplex be? Every 48 hours for 3 doses total?
Maybe I should be doing something else, or maybe even nothing at all.
I've tested water for ammonia and also chlorine, neither of which I could detect
Also, his tankmates, a foxface and a saddleback clown , who aren't showing signs of anything...are eating the antibiotic laden mysis as well.
Anyways, if anyone has any thoughts or advice to take in to consideration.
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