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Dec 6, 2010
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On my largest frag tanks i run an SRO xp3000 skimmer with an HY-3000 bubble blaster pump. Have had it over 10 years now and never a real issue......until tonight. I managed to break both the venturi nozzle piece AND the volute cover for the pump.

I noticed the impeller is also cracked(though not impacting performance yet i am sure it will soon enough at 10+ years old). To replace all that is going to be about $200. Or i can just buy something like Varios6 to use with my skimmer body. Looking for feedback on that pump or if anyone else is using a xp3000 and replaced with a different pump? I could get another HY-3000, but it is going to cost the same as modern tech.

Also just considering getting a whole new skimmer/pump (the skimmer body is perfect but at its age it is probably getting brittle and get concerned about breaking it also) So any feedback on skimmers in the 300gallon range i would love to hear.

Thanks in advance.
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