New LFS/Coral store in Wappingers/Hopewell area


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May 23, 2014
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Wallkill, NY
Stopped in yesterday, very impressed,Very high-quality selection of fish but lightly stocked , some of the tanks were empty, The owner explained they just had a sale and sold a lot of fish , coral selection I have not seen in years that high-quality fantastic show pieces lps, in a few years ,

be careful getting coral there it's really overpriced. Fish are good though, I got a couple for my son's Tank and they are still kicking 2 months later. If you need corals Tony you gotta swing by my boys house in Pinebush.

I'll bring his business cards to the meeting. He can bring in colonies, frags, whatever you want. All Northern and Western Aussie.

Edit: Tony I'm actually heading over there Friday Night. My new house is in between your place and his, if you want to follow me over you can meet me at the house first and check out what he's got. I'll message you my cell number.

He doesn't do fish right now, but he's getting set up to hold some fish in the future. All corals and dry goods right now.

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