NEW - Neptune Apex Controller - Box opened but never used. Will not ship.


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Sep 8, 2018
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I have a brand new Apex Neptune Controller for sale. I opened the box so I can't return to store but never even got everything out, most of it is still in the packaging. Picture indicates condition of item, totally unused. I didn't rip the box or anything so you could probably put it all back in there and get it looking pretty close to unopened if you wanted to gift it to someone.

2018-11-14 11.25.58.jpg

$700 firm, cash only and local buyer only. I already rejected a $600 offer, so don't even bother lowballing me, I'll say no. I'm in no rush to sell. WILL NOT SHIP. Item is in Dallas DFW suburbs, Frisco/Plano. Will consider meeting within a 25 mile radius.

This item retails for $800 brand new, plus tax, and since it is brand new all parts included, even original packaging and calibration stuff, I am firm on the price. This is what you're buying:

I WILL include the Apex Magnetic Probe Rack ($35 sold separately) which was placed in the tank for a couple days, but is in like-new condition and clean.

I will also include, if you want it, the Ikea Besta cabinet I purchased to mount the thing. Has glossy white cabinet door (Retail value of this was around $80 total). I didn't get around to doing any of the mounting so the cabinet is in new condition and you'd have to do the drilling/cutting.
SWEET 17 After Sale!

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