neptune apex

  1. KalamazooReefer

    Ohio WTB ISO Neptune WXM Module

    Looking for a Neptune WXM Module, preferably with the box included (used is fine). If no box, not a dealbreaker. Let me know if you’ve got one. Thanks! Would need it to be shipped to Ohio, USA.
  2. Tear Down Sale

    For sale Tear Down Sale

    Radion XR15 Pro with RMS mount- $500 Neptune Apex EL(both probes and EB832)- $450 BRS Dual Reactor with pump- $75 it will include the media that I have left over. 2 Koralia evolution 660 pumps- $40 Everything has only been used for about two months and will be cleaned throughly. I just...
    $40.00 to $500.00
  3. brissey02

    Trident issues

    I’m less than 6 months into owning my trident and apex, and am unfortunately experiencing issues with the trident. I had to temporarily take the trident out of commission, and followed shut down procedures prior to doing so. when i was finally able to power it back up, the status light on the...
  4. Adrift

    Build Thread My new reef tank after nearly 20 year hiatus!

    Hello everyone! My lovely wife has blessed me with me with a wonderful tank! I’m a little late on starting this thread so I will add a bit in due time for timeline purposes. I got out of the hobby nearly twenty years ago while I was in the Navy. I told my now current lovely bride for the last 10...
  5. L

    Build Thread Red Sea Reefer XXL 750 Build

    My First Red Sea Tank to setup Equipment List - Radion XR30 Blue Gen 5 * 3 Units Octo Elite 150 Int Protein Skimmer (also have Bubble king 250 as back up) Octo Various 8 Return Pump Neptune COR 20 Return Pump Royal Exclusive 75W (Will be used for UV and media reactors) 25 Watt UV Neptune Wav *...
  6. fdcityronco

    Build Thread Farmhouse 250G Custom Build

    Hey guys! I was pretty stoked to get this build up and running. My name is Rick and have been in the hobby for approx 5 years. This will be the second tank I’ve built from scratch and I’m sure will have it’s own set of challenges. Below is the equipment I purchased for this build. Glass: Custom...
  7. PhotonBlue

    Texas Neptune Apex aquarium controller

    SOLD used 9 months comes in box with everything - $600
  8. S

    Neptune Apex EB832

    No longer needed so selling my EB832. I'll also throw in a BNIB 1/4" Flow Sensor and DC24 to Bare Wire Cable. $225 shipped via USPS Flat Rate
  9. |Tom the Bomb|

    Neptune ORP probe giving wack readings

    Recently decided to get an apex and I just setup the probes yesterday, calibrated the pH and salinity ones and just dropped the ORP and temp ones straight in, the ORP readings were at 800 slowly dropped to 400 and stayed there for a while and than quite literally dropped to 0 and stayed there...
  10. twhit030

    Florida WTB Neptune apex energy bar 832 eb832

    Already have the full apex system just looking to buy the never eb832 energy bar let me know if you have one! New or used is fine
  11. johntdaballa

    Texas Getting out of Hobby Sale Redsea 425xl and more

    I have been pretty busy with work and family. Stepping away from the hobby for awhile . Need to sell live stock first before taking down . Don't have much left . Pick up in Houston/Katy Everything minus livestock $3050 SOLD I'll throw in test kits I have available . Saliferts Redsea Reefer...
  12. porterreef

    Neptune pmups

    Two pmup pumps one was never used the other got used for maybe a month. Went a different route. $20 each plus shipping. Located in 72758
  13. Djordan719

    Neptune Conductivity Probe MFG Date

    Relatively newer reefer enthusiast here :) I was searching for a replacement Neptune Conductivity Probe recently and I actually found one! Apparently, it's mfg date is 2016, however, it's new with still capped solution attached (according to the supplier, The probe is...
  14. Vivid Creative Aquatics

    Cube Build 134-Gallon Cube Build - Random Flow Generator® Powered Mixed Reef - Lots of Pics!

    The VCA 134-Gallon Cube - Random Flow Generator Powered Mixed Reef! The first of two new offices tanks are officially under way, and I can’t wait to share it here on Reef-2-Reef Our goal with this tank is to build a mixed reef tank with a unique flow solution that utilizes just Random Flow...
  15. E

    Apex EB832 not reporting Amps or Watts

    So this is my second post apex related but so far nothing but issues with this whole thing, I have three different things plugged into my power bar but the power log does not show anything all it shows is the volts from the power bar, it has never shown anything ever and I have had it for almost...
  16. E

    New apex and a lot of confusion

    So I just got my new Neptune Alex today and got it all set up, but there is this “notification” that won’t go away and I have no idea what it means, I don’t know anything about the apex at all hardly
  17. NewYorkReefer1988

    New York Aquarium Controller Neptune apex bundle for sale

    asking $950 shipped for all of my Neptune Apex equipment. Included is 1 Neptune Apex head unit, 2 energy bar 832’s, 1 salinity probe, 1 temp probe, 1 ORP probe, 1 PH probe, all wires and cables, 1 break-out box with switches and leak detection sensors, one magnetic probe Holder, calibrations...
  18. HBO_Reefing

    Florida Apex parts

    Apex pm1 with ph probe 35.00 shipped Apex jr with temp probe 75.00 shipped Apex classic with temp probe 100.00
  19. Jrainey312

    New Jersey Tank Breakdown (red sea ecotech apex)

    Hello all im moving from nj to Colorado and need to sell off my stuff. redsea reefer 170 $750 ecotech radion xr30 pro gen 4 with arm&diffuser $500 2 mp10wqd $175 each Varios 4 return pump $150 Nyos 120 skimmer $250 Apex wifi el $400 Apex Trident with 4 month of reagent $500 Apex DOS (needs...
  20. reef fish

    Florida Dry Good Trade Neptune apex EB832

    Used but in great condition Neptune apex EB832 $250 shipped
  21. Iggy305

    Florida WTB Neptune VDM

    Hi Folks, Looking to buy a Neptune VDM. Thanks for stopping by.
  22. O

    Moderate ALK consumption, but no CA consumption.

    Hi everyone, I just switched from a calcium reactor to the DOS a couple months ago since it’s easier to control remotely while away at school. I am currently using 2 part B-Ionic. My current dosing schedule is: Alk; 25 ml, over a 24 hour window, with a range of 0.20 dKH, a limit of 50%, and a...
  23. D

    Best resources for both basic and advanced Apex coding?

    I want to help a very close friend understand the way Apex/fusion works, while also giving them the resources to learn how to write their own commands both basic and advanced. Can anyone recommend some good resources for me?
  24. jser388

    Poor Trident..Just so much Disapointment...

    I want to start off by saying I love Neptune, and what they do for the hobby and have a ton of their equipment. LiveAquaria.... not so much Last week i decided it was time to buy myself a Trident, Looked around and pretty much everywhere is the same on pricing, I had about 100 bucks in store...
  25. N

    Hello Neptunian cube M120

    Getting back in to reefing with my new Neptunian Cube M120. I’ve had a 24g AIO for about 2 years and it became too much work to keep it stable. I also had it built in to a wall which looked cool but was terrible for maintenance. I’ve been lurking on here for a while trying to decide on a set up...
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