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  1. I

    Florida WTB Neptune VDM

    Hi Folks, Looking to buy a Neptune VDM. Thanks for stopping by.
  2. O

    Moderate ALK consumption, but no CA consumption.

    Hi everyone, I just switched from a calcium reactor to the DOS a couple months ago since it’s easier to control remotely while away at school. I am currently using 2 part B-Ionic. My current dosing schedule is: Alk; 25 ml, over a 24 hour window, with a range of 0.20 dKH, a limit of 50%, and a...
  3. D

    Best resources for both basic and advanced Apex coding?

    I want to help a very close friend understand the way Apex/fusion works, while also giving them the resources to learn how to write their own commands both basic and advanced. Can anyone recommend some good resources for me?
  4. jser388

    Poor Trident..Just so much Disapointment...

    I want to start off by saying I love Neptune, and what they do for the hobby and have a ton of their equipment. LiveAquaria.... not so much Last week i decided it was time to buy myself a Trident, Looked around and pretty much everywhere is the same on pricing, I had about 100 bucks in store...
  5. N

    Hello Neptunian cube M120

    Getting back in to reefing with my new Neptunian Cube M120. I’ve had a 24g AIO for about 2 years and it became too much work to keep it stable. I also had it built in to a wall which looked cool but was terrible for maintenance. I’ve been lurking on here for a while trying to decide on a set up...
  6. Printed Reef

    Fish food taken away by current solution

    Hello Reefers! A lot of people in the reefing community, myself included have had problems with their Neptune Apex AFS. Well, not really the feeder itself, but their tank's current pulling the food into the overflows. In order to combat this, I made a 3D printed feeder ring that prevents this...
  7. plankton

    Build Thread New IM 75G INT build (COVID-19 tank #2)

    March of last year I got back into the hobby after 5+ year hiatus with a 10G Cubey tank stocked with acans and Zuma shrooms. Tank did well but as you can imagine I ran out of space fast. Then upgraded to IM 25 G lagoon tank, took down the 10G and transferred everything to the 25g which because...
  8. N

    Build Thread New Neptunian Cube M120

    New tank is coming on Saturday, it’ll be a big jump from my 24g aio. Figured I’d start my build thread even though I’ve been collecting equipment for over a year because of a failed 93 cube rebuild. The plan is a bare bottom mixed reef with about 75+/-lbs of live rock. I’ll eventually move the...
  9. NewFish

    Clear-For-Life I am working on a Ultra Low Maintenance Reef tank project. It's going to be built with 'the works' (Apex, Trident, DOS, Tinze ATO, auto-water-change, Ecotech MP40QD, MarinePure...
  10. T

    Which doser to get

    I have a full 40 breeder I’ve been dosing by hand every day kinda over it, I have an apex that I’ve set up and wouldn’t mind the DOS system however I dose 3 part and it’s not worth abs extra 270 for me to get a second as nice as it would be. What does everyone recommend, any input is appreciated...
  11. plankton

    California WTB Various Neptune equipment needed for 2nd tank

    I have main tank all setup and controlled by apex. Going to try to add incremental modules to manage 2nd tank so looking for: still looking: Nothing! found! Apex Salinity and temp probes Varios 2 pump BM curve 5 skimmer ATK EB832 DOS/DDR give me quote shipped to California. Thx in advance...
  12. StellaCorals

    New Jersey Aquarium Controller Powerheads Icecap Gyre Interface Modules W/ Y Module Cable

    Hey everyone, I have 2 Icecap gyre interface modules for icecap 3k gyres, each module comes with the Y cable used to connect to your apex. Asking $50 per module and Y cable or $80 for both modules and Y cables.
  13. nicoreef305


  14. M

    Avoiding microbubbles on Trigger Platinum Sump + Neptune Apex Salinity/Conductivity probe

    Hello, I wonder if anyone else is facing challenges keeping micro air bubbles out of their salinity/conductivity probe. The probe holder on the Trigger Systems Platinum Sump is in the same section as the skimmer. My skimmer (Reef Octopus Elite 200 Super Space Saver) keeps releasing micro...
  15. Garcia2460

    USA WTB Apex salinity probe wanted!

    Hi everyone, looking for an apex salinity probe! Let me know if you have one for sale thanks
  16. M

    Convince me!!

    Setting up a “New to me” 150 gallon reef tank with 55 gallon sump. I’m trying to decide on a controller now so I can then decide on all the power heads, pumps, lighting, etc... I’ll be resealing and building a new stand so I have time and I’m not in a rush. The end result is going to be a mixed...
  17. andrewkg

    Neptune Apex & the worst customer service/experience of all time..

    So.. not exactly a shocker to have issues given the plethora of bad reviews on customer service I have read.. but given the lack of full suite alternative aquarium controllers I went ahead and purchased the full set of products in the hopes of furthering my reef tank to the more neurotic level...
  18. iamacat

    Build Thread IM 75INT Coral Gardens

    Most recent FTS 1/5/21 My name is Nick and I’ve been a lazy reefer for 10 years. Periodically I’ve been successful but most the time I’ve been focused on just keeping things alive due to life’s demands. This tank is a transition tank while I refine my reef keeping and get ready for my forever...
  19. jcdeboe

    Arizona Aquarium Controller Reactors Dosing Neptune Apex PM1, Korallin C1502 Calcium Reactor, Apex ready CO2 regulator with precision dial, Avast Marine Davy Jones Locker Large, and Seneye Reef

    Hi everyone, IM selling a few items that I do not need for my new build. I went in a different direction and I have some very nice stuff up for grabs. I will list the prices below and they are all negotiable. Shipping may or may not be included dependent upon the deal. I appreciate everyone...
  20. DrOliphant

    My Experience With the Neptune Trident's Calibration: Calibrate with Tank Water?

    Hello Everyone, I'm curious out there if anyone has had similar issues. My Neptune trident, out of the box, was testing close to my Hanna checkers. After running the unit until the reagents ran out, that's when the calibration issues started to occur. Magnesium and calcium were very off. I...
  21. lovemysps00

    California WTB LF: Neptune 1LINK Module w/power supply

    PM me if you have 1LINK Module w/power supply. Ship to 94116. TIA.
  22. TopShelfAquatics

    Dry Goods Tons of equipment up for grabs

    Hey guys and gals we have accumulated a lot of used equipment. We will start posting in this thread the list with prices. There is over 200 items so we are going to start listing them now. Apex, Ecotech, Reef Octopus, Bubble Magus and much more. All equipment has been tested before being...
  23. Bassmaster116

    Wisconsin Aquarium Controller Testing New in box Trident and Apex for sale.

    I have a new Trident and Apex for sale both still im the box. I bought them and then ended up winning one. Trident im asking 575 shipped SOLD Apex el 400 shipped SOLD Will only ship within US Located southeast WI can do local as well Edit: sorry i realized i accidentally input incorrect...
  24. Tdoan

    Anyone connect a Allen Bradley to an Apex Controller?

    I currently have an apex and it does a pretty good job for specific task, it is clearly designed for one tank and limited control. It does have good report functions and connects to send out notifications pretty good. I have worked with PLCs mostly AB from PLC5, 500 and 5000s. I can see a cost...
  25. eel-byte

    Minnesota Aquarium Controller Neptune Apex Classic Equipment USED

    Neptune Classic plus misc equipment, purchased brand new 3 1/2yrs ago new. Worked flawlessly this whole time. Torn down the tank and getting out of the hobby after 30+yrs. All prices are shipped lower 48 The display was only used for a short time until I started using a tablet for the...