neptune apex

  1. Garcia2460

    USA WTB Apex salinity probe wanted!

    Hi everyone, looking for an apex salinity probe! Let me know if you have one for sale thanks
  2. M

    Convince me!!

    Setting up a “New to me” 150 gallon reef tank with 55 gallon sump. I’m trying to decide on a controller now so I can then decide on all the power heads, pumps, lighting, etc... I’ll be resealing and building a new stand so I have time and I’m not in a rush. The end result is going to be a mixed...
  3. andrewkg

    Neptune Apex & the worst customer service/experience of all time..

    So.. not exactly a shocker to have issues given the plethora of bad reviews on customer service I have read.. but given the lack of full suite alternative aquarium controllers I went ahead and purchased the full set of products in the hopes of furthering my reef tank to the more neurotic level...
  4. iamacat

    Build Thread IM 75INT Coral Gardens

    Most recent FTS 1/5/21 My name is Nick and I’ve been a lazy reefer for 10 years. Periodically I’ve been successful but most the time I’ve been focused on just keeping things alive due to life’s demands. This tank is a transition tank while I refine my reef keeping and get ready for my forever...
  5. jcdeboe

    Arizona Aquarium Controller Reactors Dosing Neptune Apex PM1, Korallin C1502 Calcium Reactor, Apex ready CO2 regulator with precision dial, Avast Marine Davy Jones Locker Large, and Seneye Reef

    Hi everyone, IM selling a few items that I do not need for my new build. I went in a different direction and I have some very nice stuff up for grabs. I will list the prices below and they are all negotiable. Shipping may or may not be included dependent upon the deal. I appreciate everyone...
  6. DrOliphant

    My Experience With the Neptune Trident's Calibration: Calibrate with Tank Water?

    Hello Everyone, I'm curious out there if anyone has had similar issues. My Neptune trident, out of the box, was testing close to my Hanna checkers. After running the unit until the reagents ran out, that's when the calibration issues started to occur. Magnesium and calcium were very off. I...
  7. lovemysps00

    California WTB LF: Neptune 1LINK Module w/power supply

    PM me if you have 1LINK Module w/power supply. Ship to 94116. TIA.
  8. TopShelfAquatics

    Dry Goods Tons of equipment up for grabs

    Hey guys and gals we have accumulated a lot of used equipment. We will start posting in this thread the list with prices. There is over 200 items so we are going to start listing them now. Apex, Ecotech, Reef Octopus, Bubble Magus and much more. All equipment has been tested before being...
  9. Bassmaster116

    Wisconsin Aquarium Controller Testing New in box Trident and Apex for sale.

    I have a new Trident and Apex for sale both still im the box. I bought them and then ended up winning one. Trident im asking 575 shipped SOLD Apex el 400 shipped SOLD Will only ship within US Located southeast WI can do local as well Edit: sorry i realized i accidentally input incorrect...
  10. Tdoan

    Anyone connect a Allen Bradley to an Apex Controller?

    I currently have an apex and it does a pretty good job for specific task, it is clearly designed for one tank and limited control. It does have good report functions and connects to send out notifications pretty good. I have worked with PLCs mostly AB from PLC5, 500 and 5000s. I can see a cost...
  11. eel-byte

    Minnesota Aquarium Controller Neptune Apex Classic Equipment USED

    Neptune Classic plus misc equipment, purchased brand new 3 1/2yrs ago new. Worked flawlessly this whole time. Torn down the tank and getting out of the hobby after 30+yrs. All prices are shipped lower 48 The display was only used for a short time until I started using a tablet for the...
  12. Reefacist

    Kessil A360x and Apex compatibility

    Hi, I have been doing a lot of research for my build and after all that I have decided to go with the kessil a360x with my aquatic life hybrid. There is one BIG problem now. I have already spent thousands on apex and will not buy a light that can not be controlled with the apex. kessil or...
  13. jcdeboe

    Build Thread New 300 gallon reef build GlassCages, Night Hawk Designs, and Synergy Reef

    Finally got the 300 on the stand and will be posting the new build as it comes along. -Custom stand stainless steel powder coated created custom for the tank by Nighthawk Designs, LLC in Tucson, AZ. Tim Sheehey is the owner. He is currently creating the steel acid washed panels for the stand...
  14. biggie4jets

    Build Thread 80 Gallon Lagoon Rimless Tank!

    Hey guys, so this is an exciting day! I am going to go pick up my new (used) Deep Blue 80 Gallon Rimless reef ready tank. I went to go check out the tank and stand last night and the tank looked practically brand new, the stand looks alright just needs some love (wrapping and some doors). It is...
  15. Sisterlimonpot

    Neptune Sys EB832 Power Supply Replacement.

    Dear readers, WARNING this is an account of my personal experience. Although I had a positive outcome, your experience may vary. Altering an EB832 may result in serious damage to person and/or property. Reader discretion is advised. I had a bout of bad luck the other day when I heard popping...
  16. Rstanphill

    Build Thread 90 gal glasscage build

    HEY, everybody. So i ordered my glasscage tank about a month ago. While waiting i built my stand and return set-up. Here is a picture of my stand and the triger system 36 sump. I am going with two varios 2 return pumps I plumbed them both to the manifold with two gate valves so i can run the...
  17. S

    Alabama Kansas Anyone selling a neptune apex energy 8?

    Hello reefers I need a neptune apex energy 8 and that can be shipped. Thank you reefers happy reefing!
  18. Jerry Ebner

    Breakout Box

    I got me a breakout box in the mail the other day. Where do you find the sensors that you lets say open a cabinet and a light turns on ? I searched for door sensor and got expensive options for home depot. I want to do this right All I have is the breakout box at this point. any helps tips and...
  19. S

    apex neptune for sale?

    Hello does anyone have a neptune apex thats for sale? and a vdm module? thank you!
  20. Erick Armanii

    Where are all the neptunes DOS!!? Sold out everywhere!?

    Did I miss something in the past few month!? (Other than covid 19) I can’t find a neptunes dos anywhere! All the usual websites are sold out or outta stock and amazon has one for $469.00 Is neptunes making a new version I should wait for or is corona virus impacting manufacturing since...
  21. A

    Indiana WTB Neptune Apex ,classic

    Looking for a full apex classic not a jr. Let me know what you have. If it's in ok shape and I can afford it. I'll paypal you money.
  22. craftbrews

    Build Thread 200g Mixed Reef - ProClear Aquatics ProStar 200 v2 + Apex Goodies

    Last Updated: 1/11/21 Hardware Tank/Cabinet ProClear Aquatics ProStar 200 v2 Sump: Trigger Platinum 39 Lights: LED: Reef Breeders Photo 50-V2+ LED Apex Mod: Reef Breeders Apex VDM Integration Kit T5 Hybrid: Aquatic Life 61" Hybrid T5 Bulbs: ATI 60 Inch Blue Plus x 2; ATI 60 Inch Coral...
  23. jvalentine

    Swapping out the Neptune Apex Base Unit

    My ORP Probe input on the base unit (new version, not Apex Classic or Lite) was defective, Neptune sent me out a new base unit which arrived today. That said, what do I need to do to swap my old base unit out with the new one? Will I need to go through the initial getstarted flow and...
  24. AquaART


    Hello R2R! This has not been an easy decision to come to this point, particularly just as my tank has matured, stabilized, and I really began to enjoy it; however, have realized that the next few years are looking to be kind of wild so I have taken the decision to setp out of the hobby until I...
  25. B

    Build Thread Ray's Reefer 350 build

    So after 4 years with the JBJ45 gallon AIO and all the rookie mistakes I made on it, I have decided to start fresh with a Reefer 350. I got a great deal on this used Reefer 350 tank that the previous owner was using for fresh water fish for some reason. Because he didn't need a sump, it didn't...