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  1. R

    Hello Neptune apex sd card

    Hey guys, I currently have the same issue with my apex sd card. I removed it with out any issues then put in my sd reader. Clicked on the drives properties get the circle of oh oh your going to wait. Then I get this pc not responding. Then get this drive is not accessible, was trying to...
  2. Raptor72

    Large Build Raptor’s WATERBOX LX 330.7

    Greetings and salutations. I’m starting this build thread after being here for several years without one. My previous RS 750 (V1) almost ended with catastrophic results at the end of 2023, but I caught the issue in time. After much research, I decided on a Waterbox 330.7 to fill the niche in...
  3. Boonz28

    California SOLD

    I have two Neptune Apex 832 Energy Bars. Used but in good condition. SOLD Also have a Neptune Apex AI Wireless light controller (AWM). SOLD.
  4. B

    Florida 90 Gallon Tank Break Down

    Breaking down my 90 gallon reef aquarium. I have all kinds of high-end equipment for sale. Below Is a list of what I have available. Not much live stock left. A couple high end corals and a few fish. Neptune Apex Systems: The Neptune Apex Full Automation system revolutionizes aquarium...
  5. B

    Florida Neptune Systems DOS Pump Dosing and Fluid Metering System Apex Saltwater 104779

    Introducing the Neptune Systems DOS Pump Dosing and Fluid Metering System, a cutting-edge technology designed to make dosing and fluid metering in marine aquariums effortless. This product is perfect for marine enthusiasts who want to maintain the optimal water quality for their aquatic pets...
  6. SliceGolfer

    Build Thread SliceGolfer's IM NUVO Fusion 15g LPS AIO

    Hey Reefers! I've mentioned that in addition to my IM 40L SPS reef, I have two IM15g tanks. This one is dedicated to LPS corals and my affliction with Favias. I thought it was time to share this build with everyone and keep a diary of growth, ups and downs, and LPS goodness! This tank was...
  7. I

    Michigan Want to buy Neptune apex A3

    I am looking for a Neptune apex A3 for sale. I do not want the Jr. I want to purchase the next step up from the Jr. Let me know what you have.
  8. I

    Michigan Neptune apex

    Wanting to buy neptune apex. let me know what you have And price.
  9. Hendo1133

    Tennessee Neptune Apex Pro

    Selling a Neptune Apex pro, used for about 8 months in the tank and just getting out of the hobby, no issues with it there is one probe with a fin that broke off at some point but never caused any issues, comes with probe holder as well. $550 plus shipping at cost
  10. 11f150

    Dosing Neptune DOS and DDR with new tubing/wires

    Everything in picture is included. DOS is pretty much brand new and hasnt been used, same with the DDR. MFG date 9/21 $375 Have a trident for sale in an another post.
  11. alindell

    Colorado APEX BRAIN AND MODULES plus extras! $350

    I have some apex gear that I no longer need and I would like to sell Apex EL, Good condition comes with controller, aquabus cord, temp and ph probe and newer model eb832 with the upgraded intertek PSU. $350 Classic Apex (older style Apex) $220 This has been a great controller with no...
  12. Maddlesrain

    Washington Kessil and Neptune Apex equipment $50

    I have a few odds and ends I'd like to clear out of the fish closet. I will ship at buyer's expense. Local pick up in Port Orchard, WA. SOLD $50 Kessil Spectral X Controller $50 VDM module (newer grey / orange version SOLD $50 A360X Kessil Light. No mounts or brackets. I had it hanging and...
  13. Timothy Davis

    Trident Questions

    Hello Everyone! I bought an Apex Trident secondhand 3 months ago. Before using it, I opted to do the DIY Service kit. After replacing the components within the service kit, I fired the unit up and it worked like a charm. Fast forward to now... I am getting a Test B Fail. There is slight...
  14. Amado

    New Jersey Neptune DOS

    I am selling apex dos for $150 I have some extra dosing head I can include pick up is in Edison NJ 08820
  15. SliceGolfer

    Build Thread SliceGolfer’s IM NUVO Fusion Pro 40L AIO

    Hey Reef2Reef family! I’m super excited to share my newest build, the IM NUVO Fusion Pro 40L AIO. This will be the fourth IM tank I have owned, and it has already become my favorite! I am thrilled with the shallow lagoon dimensions, the size of the sump compartment, and that I can access...
  16. ajtomase

    Neptune lights on alert

    Hello! I'm stuck trying to write a code for an alert to tell me when my lights are on when they shouldn't be (if lights are on between X-X times, then alarm on). Thoughts?
  17. D

    Put Radion G5 into photo mode?

    On one tank I have 2 Radion G5's connected via MXM to my Apex. Is there a way to switch them into photo mode like I can the Sky's on my other tank?
  18. david_ma

    Michigan apex el, coral box dc pump return, 55w uv sterilizer…will ship

    Shipping is $25 Apex el …$375 Tunze ato $100 Jebao wavemakers $80 both 55w uv sterilizer $80 picked up huge Gorgeous 60g cube $500 * anyone local, I have jbj 45 with upgraded intank media baskets, several heaters, pending
  19. D

    Connecticut Neptune Apex and Trident

    Looking for a newer Apex and Trident used around a year or less.
  20. D

    Volume Level monitoring with the Neptune Systems DOS

    The Neptune Systems DOS calculates the volume remaining for the left and right heads. Is there a way to programmatically use this information? For instance, I'd like to set a notification that reports when the volume level hits a certain point. Something like If Mgx3 Volume_Level < 100mL Then...
  21. Cwentz758

    Pennsylvania Neptune Trident $400 plus shipping

    Selling gently used Neptune Trident. Functions as advertised no issues. No reagents. Aqua Bus cable included. The rubber screw in feet are missing as I lost them back when I was servicing a salt clog in a line. If I find them I’ll send them later free of charge. This affects nothing with the...
  22. Cwentz758

    Aquarium Controller Neptune Apex and Energy Bar $475

    Up for grabs is a Neptune Apex and Energy bar. Functions as new with no issues. Comes with PH, ORP, temp, and Salinity probe. I believe I have PH calibration packs as well. $475 plus shipping.
  23. MichiganMarc

    Michigan Neptune Apex Classic Aquarium Controller/Monitor

    Hello, I am looking to sell a used Neptune Apex Classic Controller/Monitor This package includes: - Display - Main Module - 2 EB8 Energy Bars - 2 6ft AquaBus Cables - 1 3ft AquaBus Cable - 1 12V Power Supply Cable - Kessil to Neptune Apex controller cable - Y Module Cable (for submersible...
  24. hexcolor reef


  25. Crazymex408

    California Looking to trade Seneye reef moniter with server and slides for...

    Looking to trade Seneye reef moniter/ par meter with 2 boxes of slides and awow stick cherry 464(server) for what do you have? Lookng for neptune apex eb832, lights radion kessil, ai, coral or what do you have?