neptune apex

  1. fabutahoun

    Large Build Reef Amorous 320 Gallon Display Tank From Jordan

    Hello Reef2Reefers , I am starting this thread to show you my new build at my new reef shop located in Amman Jordan. I shut down my old 180 gallon tank , and relocated from Saudi Arabia to Jordan. In this link you can see full information about my old tank...
  2. BetURWrasse

    Build Thread Office Reboot Tank Thread

    About 10 years ago I started a IM 30INT build for my son. We had that tank about a year before the 130 went up. Loved that tank but we ended up having so much going on in our lives once both my son's were diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy that I just couldn't keep up with it. 2 years...
  3. SS_Project

    Texas Powerheads Drygoods SOLD Icecap Gyre 4k

    New born baby on the way had to downsize the number of tanks in the house. All this equipment are less than 10months old. Full Apex Head Unit with mounting bracket 450$ * EB832 * Aquabus cable * pH Probe * Salinity Probe * ORP Probe * Temp Probe Probes read and are still wet. Kessil A360WE’s...
  4. J

    California Aquarium Controller Dosing Drygoods 2 x Neptune Apex, 2 x Neptune Trident, DOS, 2 x RODI Units, Apogee MQ-510 & AM-320 Quantum Meter & More

    2 x Neptune Apex El, Comes With PH / Temp Probes - $395.00 Each 2 x Neptune Tridents - $395.00 Each Neptune DOS - $195.00 BRS 75gpd RODI 6 Stage, Hardly Used (TDS Reads 0) - $195.00, SpectraPure 6 Stage CR-RODI-90-6STG - Hardly Used (TDS Reads 0) - $275.00 Tunze Care Magnet Strong 0222.020...
  5. NaCl H2O

    California Aquarium Controller Drygoods Neptune apex controller kit - California - FCFS - Pick Up only - $700

    Hello, i have a full neptune apex kit for sale with some extras. Neptune apex controller Leak detector kit with 2 detectors 1 extra low profile leak detector Break out box to control anything you want Probe holder Everything is currently wet in the tank ( no dry probes) Controller was kept away...
  6. Blue Tang Clan

    Maryland Aquarium Controller Drygoods Neptune Apex - Full System with EB832, all probes and calibration packets

    Neptune Apex system in great condition with all probes (kept wet, and will ship with protective wet tubing ends) * Full Apex Head Unit with mounting bracket * EB832 * Aquabus cable * pH Probe * Salinity Probe * ORP Probe * Temp Probe * pH and Salinity calibration packets UPS Shipping is $10...
  7. Max Hill

    Illinois Aquariums Drygoods Full System Teare Down - Chicago IL - Shipping Available for Certin Items

    Hello All, The good news is I get to move to Germany. The bad news is I have to tear down everything and start over. It has be an amazing journey learning, building, and enjoying my tank. Here is everything I have to offer. Let me know if your interested in anything. Its all gotta go. I'm...
  8. mattvd

    Should I plug my Neptune Sky lights into my Apex?

    Hello everyone, I purchased 2 new Neptune sky lights. I also have the Apex Pro 3 unit. The lights are connected together using the Y aqua bus splitter. However, the way that Neptune designed the Aquabus and power brick splitter is that the Aquabus cable AND power brick practically have to be...
  9. reef fish

    Florida Dosing Drygoods Neptune apex dos

    Neptune apex dos Only had it for like a month or two, and decided to go with the calcium reactor 290 shipped
  10. jp415

    Aquarium Controller Powerheads Miscellaneous Drygoods F/S: APEX EL + EB832, Vortech MP40

    HI All, I am selling the following items priced as shipped. If you live in California or NYC you will have to pay extra for shipping. 2 x Apex EL + PH probe + Temp probe with Energy Bar E832 $370 each Probes will be shipped with a damp towel in a ziploc bag. Reeflink $50 2 x Ecotech MP40...
  11. cmoore806

    Testing Miscellaneous Package Deal Drygoods Everything must go

    SALE Everything must go. Most is about 1 year old unless indicated in my listing: PayPal you pay their fees. Shipping you pay actual cost. Please PM for any questions. Local pickup gets discount. No trades. 9/1/2022 at 1100 I updated photos and listing to reflect what remains. 2)...
  12. headonkey

    Aquarium Controller Dosing Drygoods SOLD SOLD Neptune Apex DOS & DDR

    Selling my Neptune Apex DOS & DDR. Everything works great. Includes two new dosing heads. $325 plus $15 to ship
  13. C

    Florida Miscellaneous Drygoods 500g Tank Breakdown

    I have the following items for sell. Will ship at buyers expense. Custom Aquarium 96x36x32 Custom aluminum stand Custom GEO Sump 72x20x20 $3500 NYOS 300 $550 (2) Vectra L2’s $300ea (4) illumagic Blaze X 120’s $450ea (4) panta rhei 42 Pros $500ea Panta rhei usb programmer module and cables $150...
  14. R

    Aquarium Controller Miscellaneous Drygoods Full Neptune Apex NIB shipped

    Brand new full Apex. Control unit and EB832 was taken out of box and test fitted. Decided to just slave off of current one I have. All probes still in box as they came. Think this is a great deal on a brand new full setup so not going to budge much on price. Retails for $879 if they are in stock...
  15. Leon Gorani

    Neptune Trident acting strange, not testing after changing reagents.

    I did my usual reagent replacement procedure and when I went to calibrate the trident I calibrated it and it seemed fine. But I forgot to take the black tube out of the calibration solution and it started to do a normal test because of my schedule. But the black tube was still in the calibration...
  16. S

    California Dosing Drygoods SOLD Neptune Apex Dos

    Selling my Dos pumps. It’s been sitting in the box on a shelf for about a year and a half now since I switched over to the versa system. This Dos works perfectly and is in great shape. $215 shipped anywhere in the U.S. Note - I don’t use PP anymore. Zelle or Venmo preferred.
  17. Joshua Kerstetter

    Aquarium Controller Miscellaneous Drygoods 15 foot USB A->B perfect for Neptune Aquabus extension cables $5

    I have a bunch of them, pm me your address and I can give you a shipping quote for total amount.
  18. reef fish

    Florida ATO Drygoods Neptune apex Atk

    Neptune apex atk Used 175 shipped
  19. headonkey

    Powerheads LED Drygoods SOLD Ecotech Reeflink

    Gently used Ecotech Marine Reeflink for connecting vortechs pumps and radion lights. Includes AC adapter. $60 shipped.
  20. C

    New Jersey Aquarium Controller Drygoods SOLD Neptune apex eb832 with 30' aquabus

    Neptune apex eb832 with 30' aquabus cable. This is less than a year old. Ships with paypal.
  21. pgooden

    Texas Aquariums Drygoods Need Quick Sell - Red Sea Reefer 250 + Neptune Gear Full Setup $1700 no parting out

    I am moving at the end of the month and don’t want to move the setup. Looking to sell the whole setup. At this price you can part out what you don’t want. Includes tons of extras and misc maintenance stuff. What I have: Red Sea Reefer 250 gen 1 - no leaks, some very light scratches Neptune...
  22. C

    New Jersey Aquarium Controller Drygoods SOLD Neptune apex controller

    Neptune apex controller. About a year old. In great shape. Has hardware, mounting plate, probes and cords. In great condition. Will ship with paypal. I also have another energy bar 832 with a 30' aquabus cable. Along with the apex auto feeder new in box.
  23. C

    Aquarium Controller Miscellaneous Drygoods SOLD Neptune system i/o breakout box

    Neptune systems I/O breakout box. Never used. Will ship will paypal.
  24. ryan2577p

    Tennessee Return Pumps Drygoods SOLD Apex COR 20-Will Ship

    Used Apex COR 20 w/ new power supply, new pvc fittings, and seals. Asking $280.00 Will ship if buyer pays for shipping.
  25. J

    MP40mQD Apex and Mode control

    I'm interested in adding an MP40 to my 100 gal DT. I run an apex, and two icecap gyres, which uses the 0-10v port. I use logic to trigger various modes, etc. The mp40s apparently don't connect to the apex anymore, and Neptune apparently doesn't sell the wxm module anyway. So when people use MP...