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  1. Neptune Apex Programming Tutorials, Part 6: Alarms

    Beginner Topic Neptune Apex Programming Tutorials, Part 6: Alarms

    This article is Part 6 of a series. Here is a quick Table of Contents for all the articles: Part 1 Introduction Part 2 Timers Part 3 Automatic Top-Off Kit (ATK) Part 4 Power Monitoring Part 5 Virtual Outputs Part 6 Alarms Part 7 Feed Cycles Part 8 Lunar Schedule and Lighting Profiles...
  2. Streetdoc77

    Cor- 20 won’t restart ...

    Cor 20- won’t restart after turning off for maintenance through fusion , it shows a Voltage icon and tries to spool up slowly then shuts off over and over . The cor will only come back after I shut the apex down and restart..... Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Neptune Apex Programming Tutorials, Part 5: Virtual Outputs

    Beginner Topic Neptune Apex Programming Tutorials, Part 5: Virtual Outputs

    Note From the Editor: This article is Part 5 of a series. Here is a quick Table of Contents for all the articles: Part 1 Introduction Part 2 Timers Part 3 Automatic Top-Off Kit (ATK) Part 4 Power Monitoring Part 5 Virtual Outputs Part 6 Alarms Part 7 Feed Cycles Part 8 Lunar Schedule and...
  4. smartwater101

    California [West Hollywood] A lot of stuff! Lights, pumps, skimmer, powerheads, Apex accessories...

    EDIT: Remaining items moved to this thread I'm willing to do local trades for purple or blue acropora. Teal staghorn doesn't count lol :p Everything is in good working order (unless otherwise noted) Paypal or Venmo. Thanks. PICKUP: West Hollywood 90046 (right next to plumbers park) 250$...
  5. smartwater101

    Replacing Flow Sensor Union (slip side only)

    Can a standard union be used to replace just the slip side?
  6. Neptune Apex Programming Tutorials, Part 3: Automatic Top-Off Kit (ATK)

    Beginner Topic Neptune Apex Programming Tutorials, Part 3: Automatic Top-Off Kit (ATK)

    For Inspiration: A beautiful 15-liter reef tank. This photo is from the Reef2Reef archives courtesy of @Fletch10_uk ©2019, All Rights Reserved. Note From the Editor: This article is Part 3 of a series. Here is a quick Table of Contents for all the articles: Part 1 Introduction Part 2...
  7. Neptune Apex Programming Tutorials Part 1

    Beginner Topic Neptune Apex Programming Tutorials Part 1

    Note From the Editor: All of the articles in this series by the same author were originally part of several presentations made to a local aquarium club on programming your Neptune Apex Controller. The article is reprinted with permission from the author. Because this topic will be of great...
  8. bar|none

    Build Thread SPS Dominant Reefer 170 Full Triton Kessil/T5 Hybrid

    (NEW SPS!!) My goal is to build out a Red Sea Reefer 170 with modifications to run a Mixed LPS/SPS tank on the Full Triton method. Refugium as primary nutrient export with Hybrid LED/T5 lighting. Small skimmer rather than full sized, to guard real estate for refugium. VIDEO TOUR of Sump Mods...
  9. T

    Neptune WAV patten

    I have a Neptune WAV and I'm looking for ideas and setting for the system and best flow options. Currently I am running it the way shown in the pictures, I guess there is a way to set how many gallons your aquarium is and then tell the apex to turn over the tank X number of times, I have not...
  10. C

    Apex Set up - Log In Screen question - stuck

    Hi All, Just plugged in my APEX unit and its blue. Trying to connect through my PC. I can connect to the Apex Setup.#### however once I click on one of the two links it takes me to a login screen. What do I log in here with? I don't have an account yet, should I go create one and log in here? I...
  11. salty_trout

    putting my new metal halides on my apex.... timer issues

    just installed 2 250w ushio 20k bulbs in my halide/t5 fixture and moved my old maxspect ethereals to the new frag tank. I noticed it takes several times for these to fire to turn on sometimes. is this normal with new bulbs or just how it is? these are DE bulbs. Can I program these to turn on...
  12. thereefingguy

    Neptune AFS stuck rotating.

    Hi I just bought a new Neptune AFS and the drum gets stuck when rotating. It’s almost as if the feeder isn’t getting enough power. Has anyone experienced this same issue and have a fix? I’ve already contacted Neptune but I’d rather not wait for them to fix it.
  13. Globalbutterfly

    Ok, Just Tell Me Where to Put my Powerheads

    I give in. I keep searching and searching, reading through threads, watching videos, trying to figure it ALL out on my own. But now it is time to just let go and give it up to a “higher power” - the R2R Forum. Trying to find the magic, elusive flow in the tank - enough, but not too much...
  14. Mal11224

    Mike’s 171 gallon Waterbox Peninsula

    So, I ventured into that wonderful world of tank upgrades. I upgraded from my 70g cadlights II tank to a Waterbox 5226 peninsula. I'll be the first to say that it was quite challenging and took me nearly all day to do it. I found myself worrying and stressing during the whole process. But...
  15. jvalentine

    Build Thread Jacob's Red Sea Reefer 350 Build

    Hello All, I have been a member of this site for years but not very active at all lately, mainly because I have not had a tank up and running since 2013. My dive into reef aquariums started in 2008 when I started up my first tank; a 55 gallon (48x12x24) tank with hang on skimmer and T5...
  16. schooleyosis

    Tennessee Apex Advanced Leak Detection Module (ALD) w/ 2 Solid Surface Probes

    Selling my Neptune Apex ALD with 2 solid surface probes that were used for a little over 2 years. Asking $75.00 and that includes shipping in the Continental USA. No low ball offers please. Thanks for looking.
  17. Scubabum

    Build Thread Reefkpr Red Sea Reefer 525XL build

    Hello everyone. My name is Phillip aka Reefkpr on Youtube and CC_Reefkpr on IG. I've been Reefing for 25 years but fairly new to keeping SPS. I also have a 58 Gallon Oceanic Reef that has been running consistently for 25 years and a 40 gallon Breeder Frag tank. I'm Retired and totally addicted...
  18. Reefer5640

    Utah Apex 1Link Module

    I took a 1Link Module in as a trade but ended up going a different direction. Comes with an aqua bus cable. I’m looking to get $75 for it. I’ll pay the shipping.
  19. rocknut

    Arizona Neptune Apex Classic - Base unit, (2) Energy bars, 1 Link, PM2 Salinity, (2) temp probes, $425

    Hello, After breaking my tank down for sale, and holding some equipment back to use in the future, I have decided to just sell all of my remaining items. I have a full Neptune Apex system for sale, that includes the following: (1) Aquacontroller Classic with display head unit (2) Energy Bars...
  20. seitzjh

    Apex and Vectra pumps control-ability "The Run Around Game"

    I find this so funny, but at the same time very very annoying for both company's pointing the finger. They both are great company's, but come on with blame game. My question just like everyone else out there, is Vectra pumps ever going to be able to be controlled by Apex? The two other Ecotech...
  21. T

    South Carolina APEX Salinity module with probe and temperature probe

    Selling a apex salinity module with lab grade salinity probe and temperatures probe in great condition only used about 2 months. I will also throw in a salinity Calibration packer $150
  22. fabutahoun

    Apex and Ecotech Battery backup Question

    Can I Use Ecotech Battery backup to keep my Neptune Apex and WAV Running during power failure?
  23. Jud

    Advice on Buying a Used Apex

    Hello all! I’ve been saving up my pennies and am finally ready to take the plunge on my first Apex system. Was having trouble finding exact answers on the forum, so I thought I’d ask everyone’s advice. I’d love to stay in the $500-600 range. Initially looking at the Apex EL, as ORP monitoring...
  24. fabutahoun

    How To Control your Aquarium with Apex and Alexa

    I made a video in which i show how I have installed and configured the new Amazon Eco Dot to work with Alexa and apex fusion, so I can monitor and controller my 180 gallons reef tank. video contains some program examples for feeding, turning lights on and off, turning skimmer on and off ...
  25. Princess Hockey

    Texas NEW - Neptune Apex Controller - Box opened but never used. Will not ship.

    I have a brand new Apex Neptune Controller for sale. I opened the box so I can't return to store but never even got everything out, most of it is still in the packaging. Picture indicates condition of item, totally unused. I didn't rip the box or anything so you could probably put it all...
Torch Pack $450 Shipped