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  1. CreatiVe2

    Build Thread My 250G Build Thread - Oct 2020 Update

    So 2 years after my new home purchase, I am now getting back into my salt water addiction. This will be my 3rd tank, but really my first "Adult" setup. I finally have enough room for a full size sump, refugium, and an observation tank. This should put the total system volume to just above 245...
  2. pwilliaml

    Neptune Systems WXM Module

    I have a WXM Module that I replaced with a reeflink, so I'm selling it for $90 to anyone that wants it. I have and aquabus cable to go with it, either the long one it ships with, or a little 1 foot one I got to not have extra cable laying around. Let me know which you'd like.
  3. ReeferMadness80G

    Apex induced stability for Control Freaks!!!

    I’m in LOVE with my Neptune Apex Controller, and it’s really turned me into a control freak! Which is great because my other love,besides my kids and wife, is SPS, and we all know that SPS love stability! So with the Apex, it allows me to log my parameters and see them in a very detailed way...
  4. Pelagic One

    Extension Cords to reach Apex EB832?

    Greetings Everyone! In setting up my Apex display in a side cabinet, I am finding various components (e.g. skimmer) are unable to reach the EB832. So is it okay to use short extension cords? I’ve got GFCI and am practicing safe water drip loops. I know this seems rather common-sense, but I...
  5. ReeferCub

    Neptune Apex classic aqua controller system

    Neptune Apex classic aqua controller system Includes: Classic Apex Base Unit Controller, Apex Display Module, Long-life Temperature Probe, Energy Bar 8, Lab Grade pH Probe As in this one: Also includes: Lab...
  6. Tallison

    Radion "Missing" from Apex

    For some reason while i'm at work everyday one of my Radions decides to go missing and shut off. I've updated all the firmware and the WXM module but still nothing. Anyone have any idea why it keeps doing it?
  7. Raxnar

    Build Thread Raxnar's Red Sea Reefer 250 Deluxe - Vancouver Island Build

    It has begun! My wife and I have decided on not going quite as large as I posted in my Introduction thread back in October. We were thinking the Red Sea Reefer 350 Deluxe. The Den where the tank will be is not massive but it can accommodate the Red Sea 250 Deluxe nicely. In fact the overall...
  8. lonewonderer

    FS/FT Apex Classic Controller with Lab-Grade pH Probe - Neptune Systems

    Hello guys. I forgot to post this from my last thread. I'm selling my Apex Classic Controller with Lab-Grade pH Probe - Neptune Systems. Brand new never dipped in water. Pm me for pricing. looking to trade with lights or wave makers 2 Kessil A360W or WE tuna blue or 2 Ecotech MP40QD or MP40wes...
  9. Curryb15

    Neptune atk issue

    hoping to pick everyone’s mind. I have a atk unit that I use to top off my tank with lime water. I believe it’s causing a film to form over the lower optical sensor and it’s causing the sensor to read closed all the time. When I go and whipe the sensor with a wet towel it kicks on. Has anyone...
  10. Dodgersfan

    Reef Octopus VarioS 2 vs Jebao DC Return Pumps

    Hey Everyone, I'm putting together a 90 gallon build and am about to order all the hardware, I'm having trouble making a decision on return pumps and would like to see if i can get a little help making the decision. I'm on a bit of a budget (my light budget is 300, skimmer budget 200, not...
  11. AquariumSpecialty

    Neptune Display - New Open Box

    We had a local customer that purchased a Neptune display on Sept 13th. He returned it and the box was opened. The price is $80.00 delivered. The plastic protector was never removed from the screen and the display was never used. The customer discovered a firmware update was needed on his...
  12. AquaNerd

    The new LDK - Neptune Systems Leak Detection Kit Click the link to watch the video.
  13. AquariumSpecialty

    LDK - Leak Detection Kit is more than just a leak detector Click the link to watch the video.
  14. geo

    Orange and Grey Sumps/ATO made for who?

    Guess who these sumps and ATO reservoir were designed for? They are headed to MACNA New Orleans to be apart of their booth display.
  15. haanstang

    dkh control for Apex

    I read an article a couple months ago saying that Automatic Alkalinity Monitoring and Control Coming to Apex Edit: use link from post number 3 Has anyone heard any updates from Neptune about this? And I haven't read if this will be for dosing only or if it can be used with calcium reactors as...
  16. afhtan

    Guide: How to control Neptune Apex using Google Home

    I am controlling my Reef Tank using an APEX and often have to turn off something when working on the tank. This can be a pain as wet hands and touch screen phones don't work well together. I thought. Wouldn't it be awesome if you could use google home to control your tank? For example, when...
  17. PanchoG

    Build Thread Pancho's Red Sea Max S-500 - The After Crash

    The beginning of my thread was not so good so here it is a little improvement: My wife and I decided to build a new house, we live in Aguascalientes, Mexico. As part of the new house I decided to upgrade my current 70L nano AIO to a Red Sea Max S-500. I put it together along with two friends...
  18. fabutahoun

    Build Thread Fadi's Reef 180 Gallons sps dominated Tank

    Fadi's 180-gallon SPS Reef - R2R Reef of the Month April 2018 Full Tank Shot February 2020 Full Tank Shot April 2018 Hello everyone, I am Fadi a Jordanian Reefer lives in Riyadh - Saudi Arabia. Its been almost 6 years last time I have kept a reef aquarium, the previous one was 50 gallon...