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  1. jvalentine

    Swapping out the Neptune Apex Base Unit

    My ORP Probe input on the base unit (new version, not Apex Classic or Lite) was defective, Neptune sent me out a new base unit which arrived today. That said, what do I need to do to swap my old base unit out with the new one? Will I need to go through the initial getstarted flow and...
  2. AquaART


    Hello R2R! This has not been an easy decision to come to this point, particularly just as my tank has matured, stabilized, and I really began to enjoy it; however, have realized that the next few years are looking to be kind of wild so I have taken the decision to setp out of the hobby until I...
  3. B

    Build Thread Ray's Reefer 350 build

    So after 4 years with the JBJ45 gallon AIO and all the rookie mistakes I made on it, I have decided to start fresh with a Reefer 350. I got a great deal on this used Reefer 350 tank that the previous owner was using for fresh water fish for some reason. Because he didn't need a sump, it didn't...
  4. CaptainCooke

    Apex not sending alarms! Please help me figure this out!

    Hello all, Today I noticed my apex wasn’t sending me alarm updates when it absolutely should have. Thankfully there was no issue. I was doing a water change and the probes were out of the water. When the probes came out of the water I should have received an alarm on salinity, ph, and temp...
  5. T

    New York Neptune DDR $125 shipped

    As the title says, Neptune DDR $125 obo shipped to continental US. Nothing wrong with it. Switched dosing pumps and to larger, 5L space saver containers.
  6. AWIL57

    Arizona Neptune Apex Items

    Neptune Apex Items for sale - Upgraded and no longer need. Shipping included in price. Can ship as soon as 12/30/2019. Apex Classic Orange Label Comes with brain, eb8, temp probe, display, and wireless adapter - $250 Apex Auto Feeder - $75 Apex ASM with par meter and hideaway rock - $200...
  7. psumms

    Neptune Virtual Socket OFF after x minutes

    Hi all, I have a Virtual Socket that runs an MP40 Nutrient Export profile, looking to have this automatically switch to off after five minutes. I though the following should work, but seems not... Fallback OFF When On > 005:00 Then OFF
  8. tyler1993

    Tennessee Salwater Equipment

    I am having to move and have just decided to break down and sell most of my equipment. I will get pictures posted this afternoon. * Apex Classic part out priced shipped in US - 2 x Eb8: $130 each - Apex Classic Brain (Orange Label) w/ Temp and pH probe: $130 * Apex Dos: $260 Shipped in US - Ran...
  9. Marcelo Simon

    Apex customer service

    Has any one else had a horrible experience with Apex customer service? I've called two times and everytime before I say anything they are already giving me snarky comments
  10. CreatiVe2

    USA Neptune BoB (Break Out Box) Custom Text And Numbering - Multi Color

    Hello, This is a brand new item designed and fabricated to be 100% custom. The Stock Break Out Box can be an eye sore, especially if you take pride in your cable management. This break out box is completely customized by you. No one else on the internet has this option for a Neptune Apex Bob...
  11. Jason Bretzke

    Build Thread DeepBlue - Reefer 525 XL Build

    Our 60gal cube reef bottom glass broke six month ago… It was tragic situation but luckily, USAA was awesome and took care of us…. Over the last six months, we finished our basement and added 700 square feet for our great room (aka Aquarium and TV room). The goal is to setup an SPS reef tank...
  12. Alex C

    Idaho Neptune Systems APEX Wi-Fi Controller System

    Selling a like new Neptune Apex System. Purchased new from my LFS in August of 2019. Used for the last 3 months and then packed back up when I broke down my tank. The ORP and PH probe have been properly stored in storage solution with caps on. It comes with all original accessories, usb cable...
  13. C_mo97

    Salinity Probes that work with the Apex

    Does anyone know if there is a cheaper solution for the salinity probes? The only ones I have seen have been in the $120 range and the Neptune salinity probe has bad reviews. Any info on cheaper or even just better probes for the price is much appreciated. Thanks.
  14. Peter Hand

    New Jersey MP10 QWD (2), Neptune Apex Classic, Neptune COR20 FS100, Magnafuge (2), Skimz DB4, Skimz SM163 Skimmer, Skimz BR83, PP4 Jebao

    -(2) MP10 Wireless Quiet Drive with Extra Wet Side (EACH ONE COMES WITH EXTRA WET SIDE) $190 Shipped -Neptune Apex Classic with (2) Aquabus Cables 1 is brand new, USED ORP and PH Probe still wet, Temp Probe, Display AND EXTRA BRAND NEW ORP AND PH PROBES IN BOX and PH solutions included $350...
  15. O

    Correlation between Alkalinity and pH?

    Hi everyone, I have a 300 gallon mixed reef system, and I am trying to make my tank a tad more stable/automated since I am traveling out of state for weeks at a time due to school. I am switching from a bubble magus dosing system (using biotech two part solution) to a korallin calcium reactor...
  16. B

    Texas WTB Apex system with trident and Dos

    Hello, I am looking for the complete apex system with trident and dos. I am trying to see if this is possible and how much people are wanting for this package. I was thinking 1200-1300 is the prize range I am looking to spend. Is anyone interested in selling for this price?
  17. Darkshadow1500

    Solar intensity

    Does anyone know where to find information about the solar intensity of the coral reefs throughout the year as the seasons change the amount of light the corals get is important to coral spawning and I’m trying to spawn some colonies in my tank with the help of apex’s season table, simulating...
  18. DMVReefer

    Virginia WTB: Neptune trident

    Pm if you have one.
  19. BedrockIOMC

    Neptune Apex Par Meter????? Should I?

    I have been thinking of adding a Par Meter to my apex but not heard if they are any good or not. I have not had the best of luck with Apex so its hard for me to add more money into the Apex system. I have not been happy with it the system at the best. And to get them to do the right things and...
  20. Doostur

    Build Thread Doostur's Waterbox 230.6 - Mixed Reef Build

    Time to start my build thread. Waterbox 230.6 was delivered a couple of weeks ago. Delayed a bit due to Hurricane Dorian. This will be setup in our new beach home we purchased. This was the last 230.6 made. Thanks to Angela for pulling some strings and making the white stand happen...
  21. smartwater101

    California Neptune Apex, PM1, FMK, VDM, Breakout Box

    Fluid monitoring kit with Leak detector. (2x 1/2" sensors and a 1" sensor) SOLD VDM SOLD Neptune Apex ("2016 wifi") Includes Brain, EB832, ORP probe, and 1link cable (waterproof connector attached) SOLD Pm1 module SOLD BreakoutBox SOLD
  22. smartwater101

    California More Neptune Apex stuff: PM1 w/ temp probe, DOS x 2, EB8, BreakOut Box

    SOLD: PM1 + temp probe SOLD: DOS SOLD: DOS SOLD: EB8 SOLD: BreakOut Box PM1 module with unopened temp probe (will NOT part out) also used for less than a month. I have a milwaukee probe I can add for 25$. Let me know. 100$ shipped Dated March 2019. Power adapter, Link cable (so you don't...
  23. smartwater101

    California Lenovo Tab 4, 10.1" Android Tablet w/ keyboard. 115$ Shipped

    SOLD: 115$ shipped Lenovo Tab 4, 10.1" Android Tablet, Quad-Core Processor, 1.4GHz, 16GB Storage with blue-tooth keyboard Its in great condition. Just used as a display and I decided to go a different route. Together, these items are 165+ new.
  24. RomoFL

    Build Thread Romo’s Reefer 350 V3 build

    Hey, all! So after about a years experience with an IM 20g peninsula, I’ve decided to get a larger tank. I ended up with a slightly used Reefer 350 from a local guy who had it for about 3 months. It came with an Apex system so that’s really what sold me. I’m on the 2nd week of a cycle so...
  25. Neptune Apex Programming Tutorials Part 8 and Conclusion: Lunar Schedule and Lighting Profiles

    Beginner Topic Neptune Apex Programming Tutorials Part 8 and Conclusion: Lunar Schedule and Lighting Profiles

    This article is Part 8 of a series. Reef2Reef is extremely grateful to @SuncrestReef for sharing his expertise with us. These articles were badly needed and have been happily received by the Reef2Reef readership. Here is a quick Table of Contents for all the articles: Part 1 Introduction Part...
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