New Reef in Louisiana


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Feb 22, 2019
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Good Morning Reefers. Just joined the community. Having less and less opportunities to snorkel around the world (Hawaii, Indonesia, Brunei, Venezuela, Aruba, Thailand, Texas), I found it necessary to put a reef in my house in Louisiana. Been pushing forward with this Biocube, Steves LED, Votec 40, In Tank Refugium and Filter Tray, battery backup w/surge protection, upgrade circulation pump. Did some dumb things and successful with others. Mostly with respect to Aquascaping and corals proximity to each other and possibly over populating. I have enjoyed reading the forums here and found value in joining in with the saltwater reefing community of Reef2Reef. So far So good. This is me, 6 months in. I wanted to thank you all for helping me even though you didn't know you did!
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