For sale Nicrew HyperReef 50 watt LED with tank mount

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Nicrew HyperReef 50 watt LED with tank mount — $75 shipped within continental USA.
New price = $99 on Amazon
*bought this new 7 months ago and used it for 4-5 months with no issues before upgrading lighting
Machine screws for mount are not all original — replaced top ones w/stainless steel so heads are not black, and one mismatched but functional thumbscrew for mount to back of LED (see pics)

IMPORTANT NOTEs about tank mount:
  1. One of the large, nylon screws to clamp to tank is REALLY TIGHT but not cross-threaded or anything like that — have to use a socket or wrench to tighten. (I just ran it completely in/out 10 times and threads look good so I assume the insert may be just slightly mis-shaped or pinched or something).
  2. Not designed for rimmed tanks but you could make it work. Would have to temporarily loosen or remove the plastic part of the bracket to fit over rim, then use a spacer between the flat metal part of the bracket and the tank glass.



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