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Og bounce (large &small ) show piece

Item Price
500-2800 obo
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Apr 5, 2018
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I have two og’s looking to re home . First is about 2.5” $500
Second one is a momma I been having for years it is about 5” when fully open . Pretty freaking big $2800

D55A53C4-C0E3-4C8A-A157-D965B403C035.jpeg 3995FCBE-4780-4A31-8A7A-F2854A892D60.jpeg 021A3D29-E274-49D7-859B-743AE415A3C7.jpeg 99387CD3-E309-4671-BC3C-7D90A9501787.jpeg 3364C5D2-CE7E-4627-A8DF-C764542C9948.jpeg
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