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PicoSkimmer Protien skimmer for nano and pico tanks!


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Dec 5, 2019
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To order, please visit our site.

The PicoSkimmer is the latest in our line of specialized aquarium equipment for nano and pico tanks. The PicoSkimmer is the ideal small skimmer for tanks up to 40 gallons!
This skimmer has been developed and tested over the last 6 months to work right out of the box, be easy to setup, service and clean, and we feel it is the most high performance nano skimmer on the market! This skimmer actually comes with everything you need, right away, no need to buy anything extra!!

Here we have the PicoSkimmer installed on a 10 gallon frag tank, with a Flipper Nano for scale.
(Yeah, its a mess.... currently fighting dinos and the skimmer is coming in very handy for use with DinoX)

Flipper for scale!

The PicoSkimmer uses a custom wooden airstone to create a fine foam within the skimmer body, fed by the included, SILENT air pump. (literally, this tank is next to our bed and my wife doesn't even realize I added any equipment, its dead silent.) This foam travels up the skimmer body where it is pulled out by the skimmate line. This line then moves its way to drain into the included collection cup.

The collection cup holds 250ml of skimmate, meaning longer times between cleaning! The collection cup can also be placed remotely, or hang on the side or back of your tank. The customization is designed to suit your needs!

Unlike other air powered skimmers before it, the PicoSkimmer is wildly adjustable. You can adjust how much it skims, how wet or how dry the skimmate is, and where the skimmer sits in the water to fit a wide range of tanks! With the skimmer body measuring just 2x6 inches, it fits into a huge range of tanks and AIO compartments, and its clean design means that even inside the tank it is a cool, high tech addition! It fits both rimmed and rimless tanks, as well as a perfect solution for nano sumps.

The PicoSkimmer includes EVERYTHING you need to get started. All of it. No need to buy pumps, airstones, or containers, this skimmer has everything you need in the box!

Here I have the remote collection cup on the side/back of this tank, but with the included tubing you could run it anywhere.

Both the inlet and outlet of the skimmer can be adjusted up and down, this can adjust how much skimmate is produced and dialed in shockingly easily.

Our matching CO2 Scrubber is also available as a bundle when ordering. This is the same as our standard PicoScrub but includes 1/4 fittings to be used specifically in line with the PicoSkimmer to increase your PH in your tank, leading to faster coral growth!


Included with the PicoSkimmer

  • Skimmer Body
  • Collection Cup
  • Hangers
  • Tubing
  • Valve for flow control
  • Air Pump
  • Wooden Air Stone
  • All required fittings and connections
The PicoSkimmer dimensions are :

  • Body = 2x6 inches
  • Collection cup = 2x5 inches

The PicoSkimmer is possibly the best value nano skimmer on the market, ready to install on any tank up to 40 gallons and with its simple operation and hassle free install it makes a great addition to any tank, and the competitive price makes it an awesome reefing gift!



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Apr 6, 2020
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Legit, exactly what I was looking for. I have been researching different options for similarly designed skimmers. But having to then buy the pump, then figure out a way to incorporate a CO2 scrubber, the cost was really starting to add up for such a small skimmer. To have it all in one package is amazing! Cannot wait for it to arrive to see how it works raising my ph.

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