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Jun 10, 2020
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Reasearch turns up everything from: reef safe, reef safe with caution, 50/50, good tankmate, a little bit of a bully, to a terror.

I am working to stock a 425XL, 47x22x23. Right now we have a pair of clowns, two purple firefish, two cleaner shrimp, a small CUC, a hammer and a frogspawn. There is an awful cute Cherub at the LFS. Pretty small, very active, eating well. And we kind of want him.

I have read that they can be semi aggressive, but our clowns are semi aggressive. I can't imagine a dwarf that size could be more of a bully than the clowns. In the future we would consider adding a royal gramma, bangaii, maybe a tang or two.

I guess more than being aggressive I am concerned with the "with caution" tag. I have seen a vendor list them as reef safe but I have searched and read some threads where people have said that they are 50/50 with corals. We are planning a mixed reef and we would really like to add some zoas.

Has anyone kept a cherub with zoas?

Is this guy a time bomb? Worth a chance? Fine? Or absolutely forget about it?

Appreciate any advice, thanks in advance.


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Sep 20, 2017
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hi! I've had a gorgeous little pygmy cherub in my tank for about two years with zero issues w/ zoas. he can pretend to be a little proud when other fish are introduced, and he's VERY curious about everything in the tank, but he's never nipped coral or bothered any fish to the point of real stress.

definitely the most active swimmer in my tank! he's kinda like a 10 year old on sugar and coffee all of the time. haha! one of the favorites i've had to date.


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Nov 19, 2019
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West Yellowstone
I had one. He was my favorite fish. He was definitely the boss of the tank but nothing bad. He nipped at a few LPS but didn't do any damage. My only complaint about him was he didn't eat any of the ulva algae growing on the rocks. They are very cool fish and I would say get him.

dennis romano

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Jul 11, 2020
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I have one in my 40 gallon reef. The tank has zoas, gonis, blastos, chalices and duncans. Now and then, he may taste a coral but moves on. As for being a bully, he ignores the gobies and blennies that he lives with. Years ago, I had a three fish harem in a 50 gallon reef with no issues.

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