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Discussion in 'Fish Discussion' started by maroun.c, Dec 27, 2017.

  1. maroun.c

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    Feb 13, 2011
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    Lets see your fish lists, also any info on why you went with that selection of fish, what do you love about it and what mistakes you made would be great. Pics are always good as well :)

    I have the following:
    1-Hyppo tang. dominant tang had him since 2007
    1-Purple tang since 2009
    1- Chocolate tang since few months
    2 yellow tangs added yesterday replacing a pair I lost back in Mar
    2 Semifasciatus females still Wanted a trio but male didn't make it
    4 pyramid butterflies
    1 sunburst anthias
    1 Fridmany will add a few more
    1 Rubrimarginatus (dominant wrass)
    1 Adornatus wrass
    1 lubocks wrasd
    1 melragris wrass
    1 radiant wrass
    1 orange back wrass
    1 exquisite wrass
    1 Rubeus wrass
    1 Bipartitus male looking to add a female
    1 Rubrisquamis wrass
    3 Flasher wrasses
    1 Tonos wrass
    1 Flame wrass
    1 Lineatus wrass
    1 Magma wrass
    2 Scooter blennies

    will still be adding Anthias and a clown pair to replace the ones I lost in March as well as a few other fish in mind.

    believe this list of fish provides a nice color and shape mix that I want in the tank. I'm lucky to have the dominant hippo tang not be very aggressive to new additions even tangs which makes the tanks more peaceful which is not always the case with multiple tangs. I particularly love the wrasses selection and the natural behavior with shows of displays and flashing every day esepcially before lights out very minimal fighting if any and a noticeable break in the hirearchy when I add new wrasses which luckily goes down after a new wrasse positions itself in the group.
    The pyramid butterflies do add lots of color and contrast to the tank and are not very common which is nice.
    many pics of the tank and fish on the last pages of my build thread.
    Lets see your fish :)
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  2. jsker

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    Apr 11, 2015
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    Central Florida
    Hippo Tang
    Sailfin Tang
    Matted filefish
    8lined wrasse
    2 maroon clowns
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  3. NY_Caveman

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    Sep 8, 2017
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    New York
    Future fish list for current 30 gallon build:

    2x Ocellaris Clowns (Amphiprion ocellaris)
    1x Pink Streaked Wrasse (Pseudocheilinops ataenia)

    Clowns because, you know, clowns. The Pink Streaked will be there to help pick at pests. I picked that wrasse because they are peaceful and stay small and it is only a 30 gallon. I also find the pink streaked to be beautiful and it works for my overall color scheme (a subject for a future thread, but basically keeping my fish in the red/orange/yellow family). I may add one more to the list, but maybe not.
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  4. dede

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    Sep 16, 2017
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    North Dakota
    Purple tang
    Desj sailfin tang
    yellow tang
    red bar anthias
    matted filefish
    phantom clownish
    cleaner wrasse
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  5. ewcc1993

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    May 20, 2017
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    3 Ocellaris Clowns
    1 Blue tang
    1 Yellow Tang
    1 Tomini Tang
    1 Helfrichi Firefish
    1 Red Firefish
    1 Midas Blenny
    1 Pintail Fairy Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus isosceles)
    1 Bangai Cardinal
    1 Flame Hawkfish
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  6. Maritimer

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    Nov 21, 2015
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    SouthWestern Connecticut
    Tank is a standard 220, upgraded from 65. Lights are out, so let's test my memory . . .

    Pair of watchman gobies - one grey, one yellow, they add interest and movement to their territory in the lower right, and sift a little sand.
    Zebra-bar dartfish - when he's out, he utilizes the highest part of the water column, racing along the surface. He originally had companions, and intent is to add four more
    Spotted mandarin dragonet - charming, though not always visible. Snacks on 'pods and red flatworms
    Pair of ocellaris clownfish - they guest alongside the left side of the overflow, ignoring the long-tentacle anemone on the bottom near the right-side overflow. They were a must - I have grandchildren
    Pair of Talbot's damselfish - can be jerks sometimes, but rarely truly savage; they do defend their bolt-holes. Pleasing rose-purple and yellow, these guys _dig_ under the rocks
    Trio of Azure damselfish - not as aggressive as the Talbots, they hold small territories near the top of the rockwork, and dart in and out of the tightest birdsnest corals
    Midas blenny - moves like no other fish in the tank, and with its bright orange-yellow color, has become my younger granddaughter's favorite. Except when resting, inhabits the water column, awaiting plankton
    Starry blenny - utilizes the upper portion of the rockwork, but will also eat sand to digest the algae on it. Attacks film algaes in convenient areas
    Orange-spot blenny - spends most of his time on the lower half of the rock, but sleeps atop one of the piles. Avid consumer of algae and attacker of magnetic glass-cleaners
    Pintail fairy wrasse - yellow, pink, magenta, blue! Small and timid, but will sometimes spar with the Talbot's
    Rosy scales fairy wrasse - New Arrival in DT - lovely fish, with an aggressive rep I didn't know about at purchase. Median fins biofluoresce deep red under the blues. Shy so far
    Orange-back fairy wrasse - the most charming blue underneath, rich magenta and pumpkin above. Most are gentle, but this guy has it in for the . . .
    Labout's fairy wrasse - can be among the most intriguingly colored of wrasses, mine has draped his wine and yellow stripes in funereal black ... and still manages to be a beautiful fish
    Quoy's parrotfish - yes, a parrotfish, in a reef tank. Small (for a parrotfish), brilliantly colored in pinks, greens, oranges and blues with a hint of purple, he grazes algae from the rocks all day long, studiously avoiding the corals
    Kole tang - constantly busy with algae, the entire tank is his playground. Solid, thick, deep rich purple/brown that can sometimes look black or indigo blue, a far cry from most you see in shops
    Coral beauty angelfish - perpetual motion machine, she's constantly on the move. She often gets chased by the . . .
    Flame angelfish - cranky bully to almost everyone, but pals with the kole tang. He chases the coral beauty by day, but in the evening, he invites her to dance. (She politely declines...)
    Regal angelfish - New Arrival in DT - She's still learning the ropes, especially at feeding time. She's happy to grab food that reaches her level, but by then it's mostly smaller bits. Carries her fins at full extension a lot

    Think that's everybody . . . so far.

    Intent is to add more fish, in groups where it makes sense to do so. Would love to have five or so Randall's anthias, quads of hi-fin red-banded gobies and royal grammas, trios of Plectranthias inermis and blue-star leopard wrasse, pairs of Watanabe's angelfish and clown gobies. Would also love to add a powderblue and purple tang, copperband butterfly and a foxface (vacillating between vulpinus and lo).

    To date, the three angelfish have been pretty well-behaved, though the flame did beat on a single Favia coral. (I lost that coral ... dropped it into the back of the tank, never could find it again.) So far, even sexy shrimp are surviving - I feed several times daily.

  7. ThunderGoose

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    Nov 25, 2016
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    Beverly, Mass
    RSR250 - 55 gallons in display plus another 15 in the sump/refugium.

    Pair of ocellaris clownfish - come on, it's my first reef tank, of course I have to have clownfish - they're paired up and love my BTA (who is MASSIVE), fun to watch
    Royal Gramma - beauty! She's pretty active later in the day. Got her for her looks and because she's one of the fish I have in my head as "classic" reef fish
    Neon (blue) goby - tries to clean the other fish but they mostly shake her off, probably wouldn't get one again so I would have more room for something else
    Blackline blenny - wish I'd held out for a canary or midas instead, I'm pretty sure mine is female because of her very light coloration (and I like color) but she is BOLD and out frequently, will take food right from my fingers
    Yellow watchman goby - got to pair with my snapping shrimp. The only watchman goby who has not paired up with a snapping shrimp in the history of reef keeping. I'm planning to get another snapping shrimp to see if she'll pair with it
    Yellow assessor - a bit shy but nice color and fun to watch when she's out
    Sailfin blenny - bought for my Florida biotope nano but moved into the big tank when I found a mantis shrimp in the nano - great fun to watch! She likes to squeeze into crevices and dart out for food (think barnacle blenny behavior) - would get again
    Goldline blenny - also bought for my Florida biotope and moved to the big tank when the mantis shrimp started her rampage of death in the nano - my absolute favorite fish even though she isn't very colorful. She's very active and always out and about, lots of fun to watch!

    This tank is full, lots of fish but all small. I would make a few different choices if I started over now - I'd really like a small (flasher) wrasse - I hear they're great fun - and a hawkfish and a midas blenny instead of the blackline (same personality, better color).

    Nano - IM 14 - a Florida biotope, kind of

    After removing the mantis shrimp and finding her a better home

    Four masked gobies (they only get to be about 0.5 - 1 inch). Very active and fun to watch but not so colorful
    Flame prawn goby (the LFS got one in and couldn't sell it so the owner offered it to me at wholesale, how could I say no?). Bright and colorful and almost never out. Not worth the typical high price tag IMO

    I didn't want to try and catch the goldline and sailfin from the big tank and I didn't want to duplicate fish (I wanted the tanks to have different "personalities") and the intention is to have a bunch of small shrimp once I can catch the last of the hitchhiker crabs (which are all less than dime sized despite having been in the tank for 6 months)
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  8. Sorcha2

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    Dec 22, 2017
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    Mine's not fully stocked yet. But I currently have a mocha clown, a royal gamma, and a target mandarin.
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  9. James Martz

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    May 22, 2016
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    Still a work in progress:
    Pair of Crosshatch Triggers
    Niger Trigger
    Durgeon Trigger
    Harlequin Tusk
    Marine Betta
    Candy Cane Basslet
    Vlamingi Tang
    Dussumieri Tang
    Tomini Tang
    Lyretail Hogfish
    Pair of Bangai Cardinals

    Still looking for something with a little more flare!
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  10. jcole4455

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    May 29, 2011
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    Menifee, Ca
    Powder blue tang
    Yellow tang
    Kole tang
    Green coris wrasse
    Lyretail anthias 5 females 1 male
    Blue spot jawfish
    Diamond goby
    Coral beauty
    Picasso clown pair
    Green mandarin
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  11. reefndude

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    Oct 19, 2013
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    1 Darwin clown
    1 Wyoming white clown
    1 tailspot blenny. Great personality
    1 bicolor foxface
    1 yellow tang
    1 tomini tang. Still a small guy but has the biggest attitude in the tank.

    2 royal grammas
    3 female lyretail anthias

    More fish to come in the future
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  12. TheReefer27

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    Mar 14, 2017
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    14 gallon biocube

    •1 African Flameback Angel which is a beautiful fish and surprisingly peaceful with other fish, I got him a while back cause I saw him in a display at my lfs and he was gorgeous...In the end I do regret the purchase as he likes nipping my corals

    •I did have a hectori goby that passed recently and I got him as he was hardy and smaller than most other gobies. He was great
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  13. Kmsutows

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    Sep 26, 2016
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    How are the red bars? Any pics? Have them long?
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  14. Kmsutows

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    Sep 26, 2016
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    150 gal

    Copperband butterfly
    Pictillis anthias pair
    Ventralis anthias trio
    Borbonius anthias pair
    Flame wrasse female
    Sixline wrasse PITA
    Diamond goby
    Pearly jawfish
    Black clown pair
    Yellow tang
    Hippo tang
    Marine beta
    Goldflake angel pair
    Blue/green chromis trio

    I know I know it's a lot of fish and I have to feed heavy to get food to the ventralis. I hope to upgrade to a ~3-400gal within a year with a home remodel
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  15. Kmsutows

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    Sep 26, 2016
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    Oh and a pic

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  16. tcreeftank

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    May 16, 2012
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    Saint Louis, MO
    210 Gallon

    2 Oscellaris Clowns
    1 Yellow Tang
    1 Magnificent Foxface
    1 Six Line Wrasse
    1 Flame Angel
    1 Midas Blenny
    1 Yellow Coris Wrasse
    1 Green Coris Wrasse
    1 Royal Gramma
    1 Angulatus Flasher Wrasse
    6 Green Chromis
    4 Staghorn Damsels
    4 Kupang Damsels
    2 Rainford Gobies
    1 Yellow Watchman Goby
    1 Diamond Goby
    3 Scooter Blennies

    I'm probably forgetting a few but I think thats it
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  17. trevormass7

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    Jun 14, 2017
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    Watchman goby
    Pistol shrimp
    Black clown
    Extreme misbar clown
    Coral beauty
    Lyre tail anthias
    Engineer goby
    Lawnmower blenny
    Emerald crab
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  18. cycled123

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    Nov 22, 2016
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    Current 37g with 15g sump
    Occ. Clown
    Sixline Wrasse
    Lawnmower Blenny
    Royal Gramma
    Sapphire Damsel

    No regrets! All are active and perfect for this size tank. They also provide very nice color contrasts. The clown does nip hands when in the tank but leaves the fish alone.
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  19. K. Steven

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    Aug 14, 2015
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    Fort Lauderdale, FL
    2 Ocellaris clowns
    1 Banggai cardinal
    1 purple firefish
    1 blue chromis
    1 yellow clown goby
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  20. marco2

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    Jul 19, 2017
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    Have a 170
    2 clown fish
    Sail fin tang
    Blue hippo tang
    Kole tang
    Fox face
    Lieutenant tang
    melanarus wrasse

    Want a few more just deciding on what is a good fit
    Any suggestions
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