Prime 16 HD's with HMS Hanging Kit


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Jun 26, 2020
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Currently have a 48" Aquatic Life Hybrid with 2 Prime 16's, hanging from the ceiling above a IM 100G INT (47.3" x 23.6" x 19.7") tank. I would like remove the hybrid light fixture and add either 1 hydra 32 or 2 more Prime 16's, all hanging from the ceiling on a bar connected at both ends. Couple of questions:

1) Would 1 Hydra 32 (positioned parallel to the length of the tank) + 2 Primes or 4 Primes be the better choice?

2) Would the HMS kit work with the Primes? I know it states Hydra only, but it seems like I could use the Prime's hanging kit mount to attach them to the HMS.

3) If not the HMS kit, what are the other options for a mount do I have hanging from the ceiling that would work with the Prime's similar to the HMS bar? Possibly 80/20 aluminum?


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