Re-Exploring Building a Reef Tank


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Dec 9, 2019
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Hello all,

Looking forward to learning from everyone here. I had a 60 gallon reef tank for almost 15 years around 15 years ago. When I saw all the advances in technology and that we could build a decent nano reef tank to fit our new smaller home, I got pretty excited.

We have been up and running about 6 months and just added our second fish and a few more soft corals. We have a 20 gallon drop-off peninsula IM glass tank with an AI Prime 16HD light. We have a Grade B DaVinci Clown Fish and a Yellow Watchman Goby and Tiger Pistol shrimp combo.

So far for coral we have a few mushrooms (ricordia Florida and Rhodactis), a radioactive hammer, a bi-color frogspawn, a peach tipped torch, some zoanthids, palythoa, a couple feather dusters, an emerald crab, clean-up crew and a small favia.

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