Ready, Set...Reef. Changing from FOWLR to Reef

Discussion in 'Meet & Greet Forum' started by Dwight, Oct 17, 2017.

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    Hello Board,

    Just joined the board in my quest for more information, resources, fellowship and, hopefully, a little empathy :(. Information and resources because I learned the HARD way with my fowlr tank that ignorance and impatience is COSTLY, aggravating, discouraging and cruel to marine life and COSTLY. Did I mention that it's COSTLY

    So..armed with a truck load of trial and error and a little information..I'm moving from the 150 gal fowlr that I started 2 years ago

    To a fish and reef tank (currently being run fallow)

    Is this where I tell you a little about the system?

    It's 150 gal glass aquarium w a 40 gal wet/dry, Reef Octopus Classic 150 EXT skimmer (probably shoulda gone bigger), Aqua Euro Max 1/4 HP chiller, ATI 60" Sunpower light fixtrue, Jebao dosing pump and slave, Nitrate/GFO reactor, a UV sterilizer, Tunze 6065 Power Heads x 2, a bunch of live rock and sand

    Hoping to get some Coraline algae going - I went to my lfs and took some scrapings and, as you can see, nothing yet.

    Might be the huge water changes I did after running starting fallow and trying to get my nitrates and phosphates under control. They were always at sewage treatment plant levels. I think I figured it out though. Took the 16" eel and the puffer back to the lfs, turned and vacuumed the sand bed and moved the LR while doing it, got rid of the bio-balls,

    and a salt water mixing station in the basement that's piped up to the tank room.


    I look forward to the journey and will update regularly.

    Thanks for checking in.

    Stone template 2.jpg

  2. dbl

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    Welcome to R2R Dwight and thanks for the details....looks like a great re-start.
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