1. kLoRRn

    Build Thread Biocube 29

    I got this tank on a spur of the moment decision after weeks of scouring Facebook marketplace during my lunch break at work. As with buying anything used second hand from Facebook marketplace, it was exactly perfect but I am perfectly content with it (for now lol) The first couple days waiting...
  2. TheXpander

    Missing anglefish

    Hi, Longtime lurker here! I noticed tonight my flameback angel is missing! I have a FOWLR with red legged hermits, banded trochus snails, a cleaner shrimp, 2 common clowns, 7 green chromis, a blue cheek goby, an orchid dottyback, a royal gramma and a 6 line wrasse. I don’t think it jumped...
  3. M

    UV Sterilizer setup 75g FOWLR

    I have approximately an 80 gal FOWLR system (75g tank with sump) and want to add UV primarily for parasite control. I've read and understand slower flow is needed for parasite control while faster flow is needed for algae control... I also understand using an oversized unit with proper flow...
  4. LemoL

    Hello I'm new hello!

    I have all freshwater tanks in my fish room but I want 1 salt water tank. I want a FOWLR tank. Corals don't really blow my skirt up, I like the fish. I like fire goby fish. I also like shrimp. Any advice to give besides the standard stuff? Anything I should know from you guys with experience...
  5. Thomas Jedlicka

    Build Thread My 450 Gallon Monster FOWLR Build

    Hello everybody! This has been almost a year in the making. I have been meaning to do a build thread however I wanted to have a lot done so you can actually view the progress that was made. I am about three months out from having the tank completely finished. The tank is a 450-gallon tank...
  6. ajtomase

    CUC/Inverts in a FOWLR tank

    In your FOWLR tanks, what if your preference on cleanup crew/inverts?
  7. D

    Large Build Need Help W/Large Multi Tank Setup idea

    Hey All, I am planning a remodel of my basement and just broke down all my freshwater tanks and I am looking to jump in to the saltwater world. I have a 150g 6ft tank and a standard 75g. I was going to build these into a dividing wall side by side and use the backroom area as the "fish room"...
  8. CarleyFreeman

    AI Prime 16 FOWLR

    Anyone have a preset I can download for a FOWLR? All of the signature ones are soo blue. No corals yet so I’d like to at least see my fish. Thanks!
  9. Mubashshir Ahsan

    Can FW copepods be slow acclimated in SW?

    Hi, I'm new in saltwater keeping. Also I have a lot of freshwater aquariums. Those are full of copepods. I want to introduce copepods to my SW tank too. Can I slow acclimate those tiny lifes to SW? Or is there any easy/cheap way to add Copes to my SW tanks. Copepods seeds are not available in my...
  10. N

    Flow in 5ft FOWLR

    Hi, I'm in the Process of cycling my new 5x2x2 FOWLR tank its currently running on 2x Fluval Fx6 Canister Filters and a Tmc reef tide 8000 wavemaker with 40kg of dry rock. I'm thinking of getting another wavemaker as I don't think this is enough flow I just wanted to know how much more flow I...
  11. S

    Build Thread SuperDave’s 75g FOWLR

    Hi everyone I’ve been on a reefing hiatus for the past few years after my wife gave birth to our 2 little girls, ages 1 & 2, and my last reef tank, 40B, was 4 years in before it kind of went on auto pilot while I was taking care of two babies one after the next. Anyhow, somehow between then...
  12. Oberst Hajj

    Large Build 270g FOWLR and Fish Room Build (image heavy)

    Hello R2R, I have been reading a lot of threads here on R2R and gathering a lot of info from some of you on the current build I'm working on. So, I thought it only fair that I start a build thread to share my progress and setbacks so that others might learn from it as well. My first saltwater...
  13. joshharmony

    Hi nitrates 90 Gallon tank fowlr advice

    Hi all, new here. I’d love some guidance/advice from aquarists who might be able to help me figure out how to bring nitrates down in my tank. My tank is little over a year old. 90 gallon with a 30 gallon refugium, protein skimmer, with some Chateo growing beneath... The tank previously housed a...
  14. keithIHS

    Alkalinity decline without coral

    My 110 gal tank is a few months old, and pH was around 7.6 and alkalinity around 5-6 (Tropic Marin Pro). I'm trying to raise my alkalinity and pH by dosing baking soda (in RODI). I've gotten alkalinity up to about 8.5 (pH is about 8). Alk goes up by about 0.5 dKh after I dose, but then over a...
  15. HawaiiTanks808


    I have a 75 gallon FOWLR tank. I live in Hawaii so our laws are strict about pretty much everything about having a marine aquarium. So I won't ever be able to have anything but live rock. Do I need powerheads in my fowlr tank? I have a HOB filter and a canister filter both have strong output...
  16. HawaiiTanks808

    Build Thread 75 gallon FOWLR tank

    My first large marine tank. Had many smaller through the years, mostly tidepool tanks from collecting living in hawaii. Had a few bumps in the road, but im proud of this tank. I enjoy it, and its a big stress relief at the end of our bed. Friends in the tank: 1 neon dottyback 1 yellow tang 1...
  17. Stang67

    Any Fish safe corals??

    Yes you read that right. I am looking to possibly convert my 55g FW tank to a FOWLR in 2021. Reason being is that I would like to get some fish that are not "reef safe" and cant be put in my mixed reef tank. Are there any Corals that fish will just not bother regardless? I have seen some pix on...
  18. HawaiiTanks808

    Powerhead and protein skimmer question/issue pls help

    I'm quite new to saltwater and tanks in general my family has always had tanks off and on and we live in hawaii so I know a lot but there's some technical issues that im having since this is my first personal saltwater aquarium. I'm on month 2 or 3 of cycling I have a 75 gallon FOWLR tank...
  19. HawaiiTanks808

    Hello New to the forum, 75 gal FOWLR tank stocking ideas?

    Im new to the group, I have a 75 gal FOWLR tank, thats on month 2 of cycling. I currently have 2 clowns (currently about 3/4 an inch each) , a neon dottyback (about a 1/2 inch), 1 blue spot goby (about 2 and 1/2 inch), and a white spotted toby (almost full grown at 2 and 3/4 inch) in a 30 gal...
  20. mclaurin

    Adding Stax Rock to existing tank

    2 month old tank but had Covid when I put it together and regretting my choices. Have live rock,live sand,2 snowflake clowns,coral beauty,orchid dottyback some hermit crabs and an emerald crab (although he looks brownish to me). Would like to get rid of the the plastic and battleship but the...
  21. tonarcega

    Adding Corals to Fallow Tank

    Hi guys. I'm new to saltwater and my current tank is a FOWLR and currently on fallow due to ich infestation. Can I add a few LPS to my tank?
  22. H

    Mixing other angels with Regal Angel?

    Idk much about Angels so sorry if the answer is obvious, but can I mix other Angels with a Regal Angel and if so, what would be the best species. My planned tank is a 525 gallon FOWLR, 10 feet long, 4 feet wide, and 2 feet tall. I’d like a trio of angels.
  23. ajtomase

    Getting first first for tank

    Hi everyone, getting my Reefer 750 (160 gallons) tank soon and planning for it to be a FOWLR tank! Here's my fish wish-list below, anyone suggestion anything else I can add? Looking for lots of color and a variety of species! Fish Banggai Cardinal Fish Lawnmower Blenny Blue Reef Chromis...
  24. Baldoboy1

    Dangers of permanent cupramine in FOWLR DT

    Hey guys. So I have a 230 gallon FOWLR system and I’ve been thinking about dosing it with cupramine. Is there any reason not to use cupramine in the display tank if I never plan on putting in corals or invertebrates. Any risk of long term exposure to it for fish? Up until now I had a small QT...
  25. Baldoboy1

    Hello Hi everyone. 230 gallon system FOWLR.

    Hi. Just got back into the saltwater game after over a year off due a painful crash in my last system. I have a 150 gallon DT with a 80 gallon sump that I custom made to use the entire volume. It been up and running with fish for about 3 weeks now. Very excited to be here.