1. Simon_K

    Newbie looking for advice/suggestions on how to improve my setup

    Hello everyone, I've had my aquarium for a few months now (since july 2019), I've had a few major issues over that time (salinity drop, salinity hike, algae bloom, diatom bloom) as i learn the craft. Most of the issues I experienced could have been prevented by talking to people more...
  2. R

    FOWLR filtration?

    I’m posting on behalf of my friend, he’s shut down his 180g planted discus tank and wants to go FOWLR as he’s figured for all the time and money he puts in to the planted he’d rather go FOWLR.... he not ready to reef just yet. He wants to know if he would be better off with a cheato refugium...
  3. Chukthunder

    Molting red legged hermits

    Two red legged hermits in my FOWLR climbed to the top of rock piles to molt and wait out their shell hardening. They're basically motionless except for their eyes peeking out and retracting for days now. I looked this up online and found an article that said hermits hide under the sand and...
  4. Chukthunder

    PETCO advice, 'Fire Fish Goby too aggressive to house with same species'

    Started using a 55 gallon tank in my basement to store some bleached coral and old live rock I've had curing in the garage. Upped the ante by adding lights, throwing in some snails and a fire fish goby. After a month the goby, snails, water, bunches of rock, old school lights, heater, and HOB...
  5. Dwight

    Ready, Set...Reef. Changing from FOWLR to Reef

    Hello Board, Just joined the board in my quest for more information, resources, fellowship and, hopefully, a little empathy :(. Information and resources because I learned the HARD way with my fowlr tank that ignorance and impatience is COSTLY, aggravating, discouraging and cruel to marine life...
  6. lonewonderer

    ich and fluke cure on a FOWLR?

    Hello, I have a 120 bare bottom 120 gallon FOWLR tank and my fishes contracted ich and flukes. what is the best medicine or treatment for it? I was thinking of using Polyp Lab Medic, Prazipro or nuke it with copper since i don't have any inverts and corals . Any suggestions? 3 out of 10 fishes...
  7. lonewonderer

    Ich on a fowlr tank

    Hello guys, I'm new here so please be gentle. I have a 120 gallon bare bottom not invert FOWLR tank. What is the best treatment for it? I have a QT but its only a 10 gallon. any idea or suggestions for any treatment? Thanks guys
  8. Nad121

    DIY eel trap

    I have a 240 gallon fowlr that came down with ich. I was able to catch all the fish in a trap with the exception of a small longnose hawkfish and my 2.5 foot zebra moray eel. I designed a trap to catch the eel. I cut a piece of 2 1/2" pvc to about 2 foot long and capped one end. I then drilled...
  9. kramerjusc

    Been in the Hobby and ready to start

    Hello everyone, I just joined R2R and this is my first post. I am sure I can find many answers in here but thought I would get right to the point. I have been in the aquarium hobby for a few years now have 2 very successful cichlid tanks but from the first day I started my end goal was a salt...
  10. mcgdz86

    Build Thread 36g Bowfront Upgrade

    Had an old 36g bowfront that I am converting from freshwater to saltwater. This will be make second reef tank. I'm hoping to keep maintainence/care easier so I will be doing mostly fish, with a few softies, and maybe a Nem for the clowns. My first tank I used live rock and ended up just having...
  11. sassAwrasse

    Reef Safe?

    Let's talk about some things that are not reef safe... Have you wanted something typically designated not reef safe, but are afraid to pull the trigger? Do you currently have something "not reef safe"? If so, what is it? What is your experience? Is it killing your corals? Is it living in...
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