Red-Head Wrasse

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Jun 29, 2022
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The Red-Head Wrasse is hardy, active and useful fish that is not commonly seen in the trade. This wrasse prefers to be added to well established aquariums with a sandy substrate and lots of rockwork. The Red-Head Wrasse likes to submerge itself in the sand when frightened or to sleep. Also make sure any rockwork is secure because this act could disturb the rocks. When feeding them, give them a varied small meaty diet. Feeding them multiple times a day is recommended as they are very active and keeping them full will help keep them away from desirable inverts. For continued health, feed a variety of Nutramar Algae & Color Boost Shots and Gamma Frozen Foods. In addition, they are known predators of a myriad of unwanted pests like fire worms and pyramidellid snails.


Chemical compounds and reefing: Do you need to understand the chemistry stuff to have a successful reef tank?

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  • It may not be required, but it sure helps.

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