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Apr 4, 2021
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Hey all, so currently I have a Red Sea Max E 170. I absolutely love the tank, however my only issue is with the filter media tray. As others Im sure have pointed out, the water flows from the bottom up through the media tray (which isnt my favorite, nor a convenient design for weekly maintenance). The stock Red Sea media basket it quite flimsy and I quite frankly get pretty easily aggravated getting it back in to place as I have to put the filter floss on the bottom.
So as a result, I ordered an InTank media basket for the more sturdy frame. With that being said, they put the filter floss on top.
My concern is A) the filter floss will be useless on top (water flowing up through chemical and bio media before hitting the floss) and B) being somewhat enclosed, wont the water simply end up flowing AROUND the media basket instead of through it? And lastly, C) it looks like the floss may end up sitting slightly above the water line.
I may end up sending back to Marine Depot, it is decently expensive for something that may look nice but not actually be functional. Looking for others who have this media basket for their opinions.
Thanks in advance!


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Sep 4, 2014
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Saint Johns FL
E-260 = Basket wouldn't work due to the dimensions W x D we’re reversed on the one that I got. Solid Product, Great Customer Service. Def a better alternative to the stock basket. On the 260 water passes through the filter media and then over to the sponges. So basically that floss would catch more on the 260 before it hit the sponge.

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