reef tank animals in seafood markets of Hong Kong



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Dec 16, 2021
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Hong Kong
Hello there everyone. Merry Christmas to all reefers!!

Let me introduce myself, I'm a reef tank hobbyist from Hong Kong!This is my very first thread in R2R and I'm very grateful to finally connect and share my reefing adventures to more reefers!
Today I would like to share a very interesting topic about finding reef fishes and ornamental animals in our local food fish market and my experience with keeping them.
In case you have never been to Hong Hong, you'll still probably know Victoria Harbour. The sort of Must See attractions of you have a chance to set foot here. But did you know that Hong Kong also has a lot I MEAN A LOT of islands and beautiful coral reefs? In fact we have about 84 stony coral species ( LPS and SPS if you will) and 27 species of softies ( mostly NPS softies like dendronepthya, gorgs etc) and tons of marine fish species found here. At the same time here we still have intensive fishing activities around the city. So it is inevitable to see a phenomenon which local fisherman trawling up some ornamental fish, corals and all sorts of marine life and put on sale at certain seafood markets.
Before expanding my fish keeping hobby to the marine side, I am a fishing enthusiast, I often go fishing with my dad and later my friends at secondary school. We would go fishing during the holidays, but now with the final secondary school exam coming a few months later, I and my friendshave been very stressed, so lately we would also go fishing at the pier behind my school and fish during lunchtime.
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