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    Hi BRS,
    first of i love your videos. Watch every one of your posts on youtube. Could you do an investigate episode about return pumps? I have a triton tank that requires 10x flow. recently i qot an apex flow modul on my reefer 250 and vectra m1. i changed the plumbing from my reefer to 3/4 including the return nozzle from reefer 450. only @ 100% and 80 Watts i get 2000l/h flow.

    Now i have read every thread about return pumps but could t find a detailed comparison between different return pumps. i would love for you to test a abyzz A100, RE Speedy 50w, Vectra M1, Core20 and some cheap pump. Things that would be interesting: gph, gph with some headpressure eg plumping, noise, controllability, heat (my vetra m1 is heating my tank lol).

    All these pumps have different price points and different features. i would love for some more information because the manufacturer flow charts doesnt seem to match the real world flow we get from our pumps.

    Kind Regards Johannes
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    Hear hear. Add the Octo’s to the comparison
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    Keep in mind for testing or installation. When using a turbine flow meter, the accuracy will be determined by proper installation. Typical guidelines would require 10 pipe diameters of straight pipe upstream and 5 pipe diameters of straight pipe downstream. Outside of that, you could install the same meter in various spots throughout your piping and get varying results on the same installation. Add in elbows at different planes and the upstream piping length could increase significantly. Otherwise I think you are just randomly applying a number, and I wouldn't gauge your results as a comparison to manufacturer rated flows, or as a true indication of flow out the end of your pipe.
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