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Jun 15, 2020
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As SMSREEF said, saltwater fishing license and look over the regulations. The only really big reg for you maybe the total number of some species and total over all collection of 20 animals per day per person.

I'm with SMSREEF here as well. I've never tried the area. But since I have already driven several hours to get from my house (Cape Coral) to the east side of the state, I might as well drive a couple more hours to great snorkeling in the Keys. But if you find a spot, please, please, please let us know so we can advise others. Good luck.
Reefman...I am a bit further north of you but am looking to collect CUC and other items on the west coast...Sarasota to Ft. Myers or in the Keys
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Ron Reefman

Ron Reefman

Lets Go Snorkeling!
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Aug 12, 2012
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SW Florida
Reefman...I am a bit further north of you but am looking to collect CUC and other items on the west coast...Sarasota to Ft. Myers or in the Keys
Ask questions and I'll do my best to help out.

How far north of me (Cape Coral) are you?

I can't help much with the Sarasota area. But I have a pretty good site here called Bunche Beach. No snorkeling, but lots to collect by dragging a net through the grasses just outside the estuary. I'd join you there almost any time.

The Keys are great! I have 6 to 8 places we go to. Over half are just walk off the beach or boat ramp, then there are a few that require at kayak or a small boat. We use an 11' Zodiac with a 30 hp outboard.

The trick with the Keys is, to be there when the wind levels are below 10 mph. It can be OK at 10 mph to about 15 mph, but that tends to get the water stirred up and can lower the visibility anywhere from a little to a lot. The Ocean side is more effected as the wind is mostly (80% of the time) from the southeast. That makes the Florida Bay/Gulf of Mexico side more useful if the winds kick up. When they are down below 10 mph you can go almost anywhere.

You can ask questions here or send me a PM and we can talk.


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Feb 2, 2020
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Hi bobbyM and welcome to Florida. Since your are relatively new to Florida, allow me to share this (although you may already know it), the east coast beaches and the west coast beached are incredibly different. I haven't spent much time doing beach walks on the east coast so I'll let others tell me how they do over there. West coast beached, especially the SW beaches get tons of shells. But for really good shelling and any live animal collecting will require you to be on the beach early in the morning after a storm. The serious shell collectors get out early and find the really nice shells, sunrise isn't too early! And animals don't last long out of the water. And it's best if the storm had a 15mph or better wind with at least some strong westerly component that will help carry stuff up to the beach. This photo is after a pretty strong cold front in January a couple of years ago. End really heavy ston crab traps were washed up!

P1180372 by Ron Lindensmith, on Flickr
Wow now we get some stuff washed up on the beach but nothing like that unless after a hurricane and even then it’s not that much I’m on the east coast of Florida sebastian inlet

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