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Oct 21, 2018
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The tank is a 120 gal ( 4x2x2) rimmed tank with lid, plumbed to a 30 gallon triton sump with filter socks, a 20 gallon refugium, and marine pure bricks. I’m planning on running 2 ai prime fuge lights and 2 tunze ecochic underwater refugium lights. Gonna go with a skimmer rated for like a heavy bioload 175 gallon (as I’m adding a 32 gallon nem tank to the system, and maybe more tanks later). Power heads are 3 mp10’s and 2 mp40’s all with nemprotect guards, with 2 battery backups. Return pump is gonna be 1 vectra s2 with another s2 plumbed in line. I’m gonna run carbon off of that s2 return manifold, as well as the 32gallon + other tanks. I have an apex with a trident and 3 dos dosing pumps (bed 2 part, auto water changes, phytoplankton and no3po4x). I have 2 temperature probes and two 300 watt heater elements and one 200 wattI also have an apex par monitoring system. I got the atk v2 from Neptune systems for my ato. The ato reservoir will refill itself with some optical sensors and a solenoid connected to my rodi system. This same setup will also be on my auto water change reservoir for saltwater.
For lighting, I got a 48 in aquatic life hybrid with 2 ati true actinic and 2 blue plus. For the leds I got 2 EcoTech xr15 blues running coral lab ab+ Spectrum, spaced 15 in on center from the edge to give a little bit of a hot spot of par for my sps in the middle of the tanks. I also have one extra xr15 pro for the nem tank.
I’m gonna use kz products for coral aminos and trace elements. salt will be the b ionic sea water system.

I was planning on using ocean direct sand on top of Fiji mud for my refugium, but I’m undecided on if the mud is a good idea. What do y’all think? I’m gonna run chaetomorpha only. I got some chaeto grow element fertilizer.

My goal is to be able to feed heavy amiuntsmeaty foods for the ribbon eels especially. I really put all my money into making the tank extra automated and safe. I want my fish and coral to be as happy as possible.

My sand will be Arag alive special grade abt 3 in deep (to cover the pvc in the sand for eels). My aquascape will be NSA style with reef saver shelf and normal reef saver with foundation pieces for the base all cemented and glued together.

for cycling the tank I’m gonna do a fish less one and use doctor Tim’s one and only, microbacter 7, algae barns turbo start, as well as a brand I picked up from a LFS. My thinking is the biodiversity of strains from the start the better.
For food, I’m gonna feed lrs reef frenzy throughout the day from one of my dosing pumps from a cooler. And I’m also gonna feed lrs fish frenzy chunky cut up into smaller pieces for my eels. I also got reef chili and reef roids.
All my fish will be quarantined before going in.
And the stock list is as follows (after some great advice from some of y’all).
Melanurus wrasse
3 purple tangs
2 cleaner wrasse
School of chromis
Mandarin pair ( added later to let pods get established first)
Royal gramma
Starry blenny
bimaculatus anthias (3)
School of bengai
Orange back fairy wrasse (one male and a couple females)
Shrimp goby pair (possibly)
2 ribbon eels (the main showstopper piece)

inverts- cleaner shrimp, decorator crabs, arrow crabs, Pom Pom crabs, and a Colorado sunburst anemone.

how is everything sounding?
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