Success with daisy chaining multiple CO2 Scubbers

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May 8, 2021
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So I had purchased the 1.1 pound Ice Cap CO2 Schubber and quickly realized that I would have to upgrade because although it raised my PH from 7.7-7.8 to 8.0-8.1 the effects quickly faded after just 2-3 days as the media became exhausted. I had no room under my sump nor on the table next to my aquarium for the BRS or the 4.4 pound Ice Cap reactor so I decided to add the 2.2 medium sized icecap. I decided to connect the with both hanging from the ATO tank that comes with the Red Sea Reefer tanks. I don’t use it as I dose Kalk for top off water. After connecting the 2 reactors to the Skimmer I am now getting 8.1 steady at night and 8.2-8.3 during the day and I think I may be able to just change media no more that once a week.

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AI Hydra

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