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Which tank would you go with?

  • Cda 84x30x24 tank and stand w/ panels

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  • Cda 84x30x24 tank and framing tech stand no panels

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  • Red sea s1000

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Feb 27, 2019
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Hello everyone, I had to sale my red sea 750xxl due to taking a job over seas. I'm now in the planning or dreaming phase of my next build which will be about a year out. I plan to start collecting equipment though. I've always liked crystal dynamics tanks but their stands make them in the higher end budget! So I'm considering the following options, I also would really like to have an external over flow. Let me know what direction you would go if it was your build, not a budget less build but also not a low budget! The dimensions will be the following, 84x30x24.

Cda tank and stand is about $1,900 more then going with a framing tech stand. The cda would include only magnetic panels and the framing tech would not. I really like what west coast reefer from ig did with his. The final option would be a red sea s1000. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks

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