Tank Tours! (Maybe yours is NEXT!)



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Apr 18, 2020
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I have recently started a series on my channel that features tank tours! The tank tour series was a goal for my channel in the year of 2021 and in my opinion can be some of the coolest videos! Getting a sneak peak at a tank, how it runs, whats all in it, and just a walk through the entire ecosystem is a very cool and unique experience.

I was lucky enough to film and check out what I think is one of the nicest SPS nano tanks by @Waterbox Aquariums that I have gotten to see in person! The tank is well known on Instagram and the user is under Northwest_Nano; Ryan is a truly amazing reefer and even better of a person. He allowed me to pick his brain and film his epic little nano and I was able to put together the first tank tour video of my series!

After the well received feedback I felt that the tank tour series really could take off and become something very fun! I decided to give a well needed update on my own system and created another tour video for the King Tide Lagoon!

Now I am reaching out to you all! Who should be next for a tank tour! Whether its a favorite system you know of, or a system you truly enjoy on Instagram! Drop your nominations in this thread and maybe I can work something out! I am out of the Seattle area so PNW tanks help make it easy to go and shoot, but who knows the sky is the limit! Happy Monday all!

Do you think that live rock is more beneficial in sump than it is in the main display tank?

  • In the sump

    Votes: 22 11.2%
  • In the display

    Votes: 77 39.3%
  • Other (please explain)

    Votes: 31 15.8%
  • Not sure

    Votes: 66 33.7%