Tip: Buying time when a tank seam starts leaking!

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Mar 5, 2018
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Fairfield County, CT
Just thought I would share my friend's story on the odd chance you face a failing seam. It was a pretty clever reaction that bought some time -- at least a few hours to move/save livestock and manage 750l of water.

Middle of the tank, bottom seam had a small spout of water shooting out. Lucky they were home to see it begin. Much scrambling and cursing and calling the LFS. The flow of the leak was similar to high pressure flow out of 1/4 RO tubing.

My buddy then cuts up a trash bag, moves the sand away from the spot, and layers a couple pieces of the trash bag where the water is escaping. The pressure then pushed the plastic into the gap, virtually stopping the leak. Only 5-10 gallons of volume made it to the floor with 150 gallons to go.

It bought enough time for LFS folks to set up some troughs with heat and flow and get most of the water (and pressure) out of the tank.
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