Torch in a newer reef


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Mar 12, 2022
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Pittsburgh PA
I have a pretty new 130g reef. Been up and running for about 5 months, only had lights on for 3 months, and 2 clowns for a month. I have a CUC in QT currently and a few clove polyps in the DT.

my original plan was to wait a few months before getting a torch but I have a pretty decent chance at picking one up for only a few dollars at an upcoming local club raffle. Any tips for keeping it alive and thriving? Bio load is low so my plan is to dose nitrates and phosphates up to ~10 and 0.1 ppm 2 times a week. Not too worried about the dosing since I did it on my old planted tank for years.

i QT all corals for 45 days in my frag tank which gets about 80 par everywhere. Is that ok for QT? Main tank position will get 140-160 PAR.

will a few scattered LPS be enough to need dosing in a 130g or will water changes be enough? I do 2g a day auto water changes with my DOS.

mostly looking for general tips and advice ahead of time before I have one at home and no idea what to do
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