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    Got my first test results

    Had over 300 in aluminium and just over 200 in kalium, new redsea reefer tank, ecotech vectra s1 and 2 vortech mp10 qd and a bubbleking mini. Everything new, tank and equipment cleaned with rodi water before start. Use Triton Pure 2.0 salt and a new spectrapure masxcap osmosis, well rinsed before use for a couple of hours. I have chaeto and caulerpa proxifolia in the sump along with a brightwell biobrick. A small yellow tang and a yellow wrasse is in and feed with vitalis pellets and ocean nutrian formula one and two frozen food. I have used al99 for a week or two but not any longer. Is the kalium amount low because of algae growth or is salt or test wrong? No corals in the system yet

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