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Feb 23, 2013
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Central Jersey
I have the following mushrooms for sale.

PZ Godspawn
CB Orange Bubble Bounce (similar to wwc sunkist)
Poletti Jawbreaker
Darwin Jawbreaker

All corals shipped via Fedex Priority w DOA guarantee. PM is key. Paypal to hold.

Pack 1: CB Orange Bubble Bounce and PZ Godspawn
Two views of godspawn. Godspawn will split soon. Larger than a quarter.
$280 shipped

Pack 2: CB Orange Bubble Bounce and PZ Godspawn. Both corals larger than a nickel to quarter size.
$240 shipped

Pack 3 : CB Orange Bubble Bounce and PZ Godspawn. Both corals quarter size.
$280 shipped

Jawbreaker 1: Size of kennedy half dollar. Has green spots.
$250 shipped

Jawbreaker 2: Nickel to quarter size. Has green.
$220 shipped

Darwin Jawbreaker: Nickel size.
$200 Shipped

Mother below for reference and not for sale.
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