What Happens when Something is Reported?

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Mar 13, 2014
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So…what happens when something is reported?

This question has popped up a few times over the last couple of weeks. Yes, this is a privately owned forum and the Terms of Service (ToS) apply to all users. One task the Moderation Team (Team R2R) has is to assure the ToS is adhered to by the membership. As you can imagine, this is not always an easy task and it is impossible for us to see every post. Therefore, we rely on the membership to report posts that appear to be outside the boundaries of the ToS. But what happens then?...

In the spirit of transparency, Team R2R thought we would take a moment to answer that question. Consider it a R2R PSA. This is not a discussion regarding any particular report. This is merely to give the membership a basic understanding of the process and what actually happens after you hit the report button.

Once a post is reported, all Team R2R members are notified. Yes, we have a private section to handle this. First step is to determine if there is an obvious breach of the ToS. Honestly sometimes there isn’t a violation and the report requires no action. Sometimes it is as simple as moving a thread to an appropriate forum. Sometimes is the removal of profanity, masked or otherwise, or the removal of an offending picture. Those are easy. But even if something like that is removed quickly, a discussion still ensues to make sure the correct action was taken. There have been occasions a post was restored after a conversation among the team.

For others, you would be shocked at the discussion that takes place on the appropriate way to handle the topic of a report. We can assure you we work together as a team to find a resolution. Every member of Team R2R is provided the opportunity to express their comments. Team R2R members do not unilaterally make decisions. We can’t always wait for all of the Team (remember, we have lives outside R2R as well) but we do act on the majority of those participating. While we don’t always all agree, we do all uphold team decisions and act as a majority in a consistent manner.

If it is deemed necessary to intervene, we typically do so with the member(s) via a PM providing the reasons why a particular action, if any, was taken. This is not discussed in the public forums and we do not share our actions outside the team. We respect the privacy of each member to the best our of ability.

As much as we’d like to think we always get it right, we are not perfect. But what we do get right is that we take the time to review each and every report and we act on the majority as a team.

We value each and every member and we do work hard to keep R2R the wonderful, family friendly and courteous forum it is. It truly is the membership that makes this place so special. Please understand this thread will not be open for discussion. But we are always open for constructive comments. If you have a comment or have a specific question, please feel free to send a PM to any one of us. Just know we will likely report it so we can all discuss it. :)

Thank you and Happy Reefing
Team R2R
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