What is the highest-end lighting available?

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Mar 19, 2018
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Wheeling, WV
Why do you need reef brights?
What do they give you that the Radion can't?
Same question if you have t5's?
More spectrum and pop and spread. While still running blue leds reef brite blue is just different corals look and pop differently under reef brites then other royal blue leds. Perfect combo with G5 radion pros.
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Jay Norris

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Oct 27, 2018
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Miami Florida
Is Radion the top light available to home aquarists?

I’m speaking about price and perceived quality (PAR/Spectrum).

What lights do you think are better than a radion, if any? I know specific lights might might better for different purposes (wouldn’t want a radion over your 5g pico) so I’m asking in generalities.
There are a few high-end lights on the market, my Brother in Law uses the Radion G 5 Pro's, which are a really nice lights, but I chose the Mitra LX 7206 lights for my system. Both are good lights, I just prefer the color and how easy they were to program over the Radions, even though the new Mobius Program for the Radions is much easier to use then the old reef link system.
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