Who owns a sea hare?

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Sep 8, 2017
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Same. Mine doesn’t touch it. This is at its peak I have since 75% tamed it with a bit with manual labor and fluconazole. Dude would just slide right over it. You can see him there… not eating it. Even with nutrients under control it’s relentless.

If I would give it 3-4 days of not scrubbing/sucking it out the algae would come back something fierce. Tried natural remedies and finally gave in to the fluconazole so far around a week in it’s the best I’ve gotten the tank to look in months. If all the rock weren’t glued together I would take them out and h2o2 them
Mine also slid over the nori I put in front of it. I tried green and red nori, and even Romain lettuce.

I thought the first one was defective, so I bought another. Neither are eating anything.

I spoke to eatbreakfast, and he told me bullet gobies would work for hair algae, so I ordered one.

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