Why are car dealers shady?


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Jul 13, 2018
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Beaverton, Oregon
If their is available rebates they have to give them to you.. A loyalty rebate is a manufacturers rebate and it is from the manufacturer and not the dealer. It is not the dealers money.
Guess I was saying that they could have said the price the quoted me was including the rebate and made an extra $2k


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Jun 7, 2007
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Waukesha, Wi
Getting my teeth pulled without anesthesia falls (just barely) under buying a new car on the list of Things I Despise Doing. I know no matter how prepared I am or how determined I am NOT to get screwed the fact is; in my life-time I'll probably buy less than 10 cars total from individuals who's job is to squeeze as much $$$ out of me as possible (and as sneaky as possible) who sell 10+ cars per week! So they'll always have the upper hand no matter how awesome a deal you think you just got. I figured I'm forked either way and just try to minimize the financial damage....

That is the problem even if you think you got a good deal you may not have.
Unless you know hold backs invoice and all that garbage.

But with research you can do alright now.
Lots of research..

There are plenty of places now to look up what other vehicles in your area have sold for.
Look up all manufacturers rebates..

Biggest thing is get your own financing. Nothing wrong with dealer financing but they will always beet what someone else has. They make money selling loans and it is easier for them to deal with their financial institutions that a outside one. Saves them time.

My last truck I felt I did ok. I knew the price and payment even before walking through the door.
I had my own loan so I knew the interest rate. I had my trade in evaluated. I knew what the dealers mark downs were in the area. I told them no extended warranty and if they tried to push it I would leave. I told them i would get gap from my insurance co.

I went in told them what my payment would be and if they could not do it I would go else where.
I actually got it lower because their banks were tripping over me because of my credit rating and got me even a lower rate, plus they want you to get a loan from them. First time it came in lower than what I wanted for a payment. I was shocked.


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Aug 11, 2013
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Sheboygan, WI
Should have came by me ;) unless you did, then whoops!
I considered that.
issue was My terrain was sold to me by that DEALERSHIP (you know ) in plymouth and was a buy-back. No one wanted to give me diddly squat for trade-in $$ except them. I would have chosen yours or even Sheboygan over them.


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Apr 23, 2019
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To those saying shop around that's not really an option. It's a pretty rare vehicle for being new. If I could cruise up the street and find another I would. The dealership I'm dealing with is about 3.5 hours away so I'm doing everything via email and phone. I went in knowing what I would pay and they were under that before all of this garbage.


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Jun 3, 2017
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Grove City, Ohio
I come from a family that sold cars from the early '20's until Studebaker went out of business. I've been well-coached on the how-to's of car buying.

I have bought 3 new cars in my lifetime. I buy it new so that I can drive it until it's dead, and know from day one whatever problems it might have.

The first was a '89 Toyota Corolla GTS. Great car. I had done every bit of research I could (it was 1989 after all). I went into the dealership, walked up to the first salesman I saw and said "I'm here to buy that car. I know what you paid for it and I know what I'll pay for it. So what's your offer?" He made his offer and I laughed in his face. I told him what I was willing to pay and he gave me the old "Let me gtalk to my manager" spiel. Nope. If you get up I leave. He got up. I left. I made it partway across the lot and he came running after me. Matched my price point. Now we are talking. Then came the financing/mystery add on crap. I let the financing guy ramble on for awhile until I got bored. Told him I didn't want any of that crap on my car. OK, fine. But with our special deal of 8% apr, the total will come to $$,$$$. Oh - that's way too much. He said that they wouldn't be able to help me then. I countered with my asking price in cash. Drove home a short while later in my new car. Drove it for 17 years and 250,000 miles until the motor threw a rod on the way home one night.

Second car was a Mazdaspeed 3. God I loved that car! Cash for it too. I don't like payments. I'd still have it, but with a hip replacement and a back trashed from 30 years in healthcare I just couldn't get in and out of it too well too many days. That it was a bit, um, challenging in the winter may have played a part as well. Over 150,000 miles on that.

I decided I needed something easier to get in and out of and just more comfortable, especially on long trips. Set my sights on a Outback. Didn't have cash to buy it outright. Do hav e a friend that races rally and happens to be sponsored by the local Suby dealership. I talked to him. He talked to his friends there. I walked in and made a deal. They offered me more than bluebook for my rather driven (but well maintained). 0% financing No extra B.S. I put down about 1/2 and walked out with a very nice car with a payment way less than what a lease would have cost me. Another win in my book!

If you go in knowing what you want, what you'll pay for it, and let them know that you just won't play their silly games, as often as not you'll get what you want. If they don't move vehicles, they don't make money.



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Feb 8, 2016
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Zuehl, Texas

90's reefer

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Sep 10, 2018
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Redding CA
This is pretty funny. I was in the automobile industry for 13 years. Sales and management.
Sales people make 0$ until they sell a car. Best day to buy a car is the last day of the month. They have quotas they neeed to meet.
Most people dont know how to buy a car. Thats why they pay to much. Believe me it is harder to sell your deal to the guys behind the 2 way glass. Customers are easy if you treat them right. If you know what they thought of customers you would never even walk in the door. Deal with the internet department and you will get what you want before you ever walk in the door.
Markup is around 10% so a 40k rig has 4k profit from invoice to sticker.
Dealerships also have a high turnover rate so most are newbies.
I worked at a dealership that if you let your customer leave before a manager talked to them you were sent home for 3 days.
13 years was enough for me.
I left because of the way management was. Customers were easy.
But its not for everyone.


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Oct 3, 2019
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So I've been looking for a new car and finally found something that had almost everything I was looking for in the correct interior and exterior colors. I worked out a price with the dealer and was ready to drive almost 300 miles to get the car. I had them send a buyers order with everything totaled up so I could get the check from my bank and i see this.

Almost $1400 worth of junk I don't need or want in addition to the almost $1500 of doc fees and other silly dealer fees. The salesman claims they put these on every car they sell and refuses to remove them. I told them to keep the car. I guess they figured they weren't making enough off of the price of the car and weren't going to make anything on financing or a trade so they had to drain some extra money out of me one way or another. Do people really let dealers pull stuff like this with them?
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