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Jul 1, 2014
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Santa ana, CA
Here is a list of stuff I have for sale. If it is PP, I will most likely have to make the frag. Stuff that is sold in as per frag I have frags ready to go. I did the best with pictures, so please do not ask for additional pics, google the zoa, it looks like the one on google images. Shipping will be a flat rate unless you buy over 350, then its free. Standard DOA policy applies. LMK if you have any questions.

Darth mauls-$20 per polyp

Nightmares-$25 per polyp

Jf Jungle juice- $10 per polyp, 10 plus frag-$75

JF Rainbow rhinos-$30 per polyp

JF Acid reflux-$25 per polyp

RR Pink diamonds-$20 per polyp

Cornbread Bowsers-$30 per polyp.

Wwc Pink krak-$10 per polyp

Utter chaos- whole frag 10-15 polyps-$40-50

Rainbow incinerators-$10 per polyp

CB Rainbow infusion-$15 per polyp 4 polyp plus frag-$50

Butt kissers-$40 per polyp

Bob marleys frag plug 10 plus polyps-$40

Rastas-frag plug would plus polyps-$40

Red death-$10 per polyps

Sponge bobs, frag plus 10 plus polyps-$30-40

Miami vice-$ 10 per polyps

Armor of gods- 10 plus frag plug-$40-50

Scrabbled eggs-10 plus frag plug-$30-40

Goblins fire 10 plus frag plug-$40-50

Psychosis-$40 per polyp

Vw bloodshots-10 plus frag plug-$40-50

Fairy dust-10 plus frag plug-$20-30 per

Mandarin orange-$10 per polyps

Candy apple reds-$20 per polyp

Salted agave-$25 per polyp

Wwc mambo jambo -5-10 frag plus $30-40

White zombie-$50 per polyp

Spite fire- 5 plus $20 per frag plug

Pandora’s-5 plus per plug-$20-30

Red people eaters- 10 plus frag plug-$30-40

Nuclear green zoas-10 plus per plug-$25-40

Sunny ds-10 plus frag plug-$30-40

Atmosphere-$50 per polyp

Pink zipper-10 plus frag plug-$30-40

Pink elephant-$20 per polyp

Space monsters-$10 per polyp

Gb Nirvana- mini colonies 20 plus per frag-$50

Red hornets-5 plus per plug-$20-30

Pink hippos-5-10 per plug-$30-40

Beauty and the beast-$25 per polyp

Hawaiian morph-5-10 per plug-$25-30

Tubs blue-10 plus frag plug-$20-30

King Midas zoas-$10 per polyp

Grandis play green-$10 per polyp

Bam bam -5-10 plus frag plug-$20-25

Frostbite-$40 per polyp

Blue eye blonde b-$20 per frag 5 polyps plus My clementine-$10 per polyp

Gold cloves-$20-30 per frag

Sunkist mushroom, quarter size-$120

Florida ricordia-$20-25 per polyp

Koji wada Pink Nephthea-$100

Branching red/pink cyphastrea-$25-30

Jdubs Rainbow cyphastrea-$40-50 per frag

Tnt anacopra-$75

Atl Jolene-$50

Rrc pink Cadillac-$30

Tricolor valida-$10-20

Red digitata-$20

Poker star monti-$40

Rainbow monti-$40

5”x3” red Goni-$120

Grafted monti-$30

Aussie plate-$30

Rra tropical punch monti 4x4 disc -$100

Uc mega chrome monti-$50 per frag

Good cyphastrea-$25 frag

Nuclear sunset mushroom-$20 per mushroom

Superman rodachtics-$20 per mushroom

Cb beast mode mushroom

Bali bounce mushroom

IMG_0367.JPG IMG_0368.JPG IMG_0369.JPG IMG_0601.JPG IMG_0603.JPG IMG_0607.JPG IMG_0609.JPG IMG_1234.jpg IMG_1239.jpg IMG_1242.jpg IMG_1272.jpg IMG_1276.jpg IMG_2888.jpg IMG_2890.jpg IMG_2895.jpg IMG_2896.jpg IMG_2897.jpg IMG_2900.jpg IMG_2901.jpg IMG_2902.jpg IMG_2904.jpg IMG_2906.jpg IMG_2917.jpg IMG_2922.jpg IMG_2923.jpg IMG_2925.jpg IMG_2927.jpg IMG_2929.jpg IMG_2930.jpg IMG_2931.jpg IMG_7429.JPG IMG_7430.JPG IMG_7431.JPG IMG_7432.JPG IMG_7433.JPG IMG_7434.JPG IMG_7435.JPG IMG_7438.JPG IMG_7439.JPG IMG_7440.JPG IMG_7441.JPG IMG_7442.JPG IMG_7443.JPG IMG_7444.JPG IMG_7445.JPG
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Jan 1, 2019
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Picked up some coral from Jose the other day. Great seller, great selection. Was so happy to finally find a branching cyphastrea. Gonna tell chicks its acropora ;)

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