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  1. GHL USA Profilux Controller Giveaway! Over $430 Value

    GHL USA Profilux Controller Giveaway! Sponsored by GHL USA! It's easy and free to enter. So what are you waiting for? One lucky winner will be chosen by random draw to win a GHL ProfiLux Mini Controller. Click here for all the details.
  2. EcoTech Marine Vortoberfest Giveaway

    EcoTech Marine Vortoberfest Giveaway! WIN a VorTech MP40 or be one of the current VorTech owners that will win one of two VorTech Upgrade options! Thank you to EcoTech Marine!
  3. The Bulk Reef Supply 2 Part Giveaway!

    The Bulk Reef Supply 2 Part Giveaway! Sponsored by It's easy and free to enter. So what are you waiting for?
  4. Can feeding alone make corals more adaptable?

    Researchers found that feeding gives the corals a backup way to build caloric energy. The nutrition provided during feeding goes directly to the coral colony and isn’t simply passed on by zooxanthellae. This energy can be directly put to use in building the skeleton and maintaining healthy tissue. It may also be able to aid the coral in mitigating the effects of higher nutrients and perhaps the coral can maintain vitality, even when zooxanthellae are growing faster than usual. For corals,...
  5. Introducing the Orphek Amazonas 500w LED

    Designed as a direct replacement for metal halide systems 1,000 watts and over, the Orphek Amazonas is the perfect LED solution for very deep coral reef aquariums or large freshwater displays. The Amazonas has a 360° three dimensional heat dissipation providing the optimal thermal solution for heat management.
  6. Lessons from the Eco Aqualizer

    The story of this product is filled with frivolous lawsuits, strange promises and advertising in some of the largest fish-keeping publications at the time. From the late nineties up until 2006, the Eco Aqualizer made its rounds throughout the world of both marine and freshwater aquaria. Hundreds of reef keepers fell under the Aqualizer’s spell; the promise of complete water filtration in one small, cylindrical device that was easy to install and even easier to conceal.
  7. A step back, a step forward: Kalkwasser dosing

    In this regard, the old way may not only be safer but also more efficient. This involves the use of a kalkwasser stirrer. These are a simple reactor with a water inlet at the bottom and a water outlet at the top. Running vertically through the reactor is a shaft connected to a stirrer. The stirrer can be as simple as horizontal PVC piping or as complex as a series of fins that slowly spin. The shaft and stirrer are connected to an external motor, that spins them either constantly or at...
  8. Ich! Eradication vs. Management

    Should you attempt to rid your tank completely of ich or should you try and "manage" the problem? R2R's Humblefish (the well respected and much-relied upon "Dr. Fish") presents an excellent guide to pros and cons of ich eradication vs. ich management. This article is a must-read for anyone new to the saltwater aquarium hobby. Seasoned pros will also find it highly informative. So dive in!
  9. The Shadow™ Overflow from Synergy Reef has arrived!

    The Shadow™ Overflow is the evolution of the Synergy Reef™ overflow system. Now 100% Injection Molded! Featuring a removable weir for ease of maintenance and our molded design for failsafe operation. Our ultra slim design has revolutionized the aquarium overflow and how aquariums get water into their filtration systems. It is a very simple to install, plug and play overflow system. Completely quiet operation when used to our specifications. Our years of testing and development are what sets...
  10. The Ice Cap Smart RODI: The highest tech RODI unit ever?

    I would be willing to argue that Ice Cap’s Smart RODI is the most technologically advanced unit available to average aquarists. RODI technology hasn’t leaped this far forward in a long time and Ice Cap’s innovations could easily evolve into RODI units that connect to our phones via wi-fi, giving aquarists the ability to make pure water on the go. Yes, we’ve gotten in-line TDS monitoring, filter replacement reminders and even some electronic performance monitoring. The smart RODI takes it...
  11. Is AquaForest the next evolution of zeolite use?

    For any zeovit user looking into AquaForest, I can confidently say that AquaForest’s zeolite inclusive methodology is not zeovit. I don’t mean that in a negative way, but simply to point out that other than relying on a similar mineral and bacteria, the two are very different. Zeovit is a very hands-on approach to reef keeping that requires daily maintenance of the filtration media and consistent dosing. AquaForest’s method also requires dosing and maintenance, but has been simplified to...
  12. Joe Yaiullo awarded MASNA's Aquarist of the Year 2016

    While Joe is most certainly a celebrity in the world of reef aquaria, he remains humble and approachable, consistently offering advice to fellow hobbyists and sharing his aquatic discoveries with the reefing community.
  13. Newly discovered marine fish species to be named after President Obama

    The process of declaring a new fish species isn’t as simple as the outlook of one, or even a team of marine biologists. It will take time, DNA tests and a close inspection of the fish’s physical details and physiology before a formal scientific name is applied. Considering the fish is of the genus Tosanoides (a species previously thought to only occur around Japan) it’s likely the final name will be Tosanoides obama or some variant of that.
  14. Are LEDs a suitable primary light source?

    However, determining if LEDs alone are viable sources of light, requires a better assessment. It’s certainly true that using multiple fixtures creates acceptable PAR readings throughout even a large reef aquarium. However, it’s tough to get totally accurate PAR readings from every nook and cranny within the tank.
  15. How to "Regenerate" Seachem Purigen

    Seachem Purigen is a synthetic polymer resin that removes dissolved organic matter. It also has a water-polishing quality, and it adsorbs a wide variety of chemicals. Many find this a great alternative and/or companion to Granular Activated Carbon. Purigen can be "regenerated" after it has been saturated, which is a pretty simple process - but a few tips never hurt anyone!
  16. Diving back into the reef

    A "new" reef keeper takes a light-hearted look at the many changes she's noticed since she last kept a reef tank (13 years ago).
  17. Review: Kessil AP700 light fixture

    The AP700 suffers from the same concerns present with other “puck” style LED fixtures. Kessil uses a proprietary dense matrix puck, which crams lots and lots of diodes into a tight space. The technique creates a very pointed light source and the ensuing cone effect creates a halide like shimmer. Kessil’s color control and management chipset works well, meaning that the individual diodes respond flawlessly to different spectral settings.
  18. New from GHL: Mitras Lightbar 2 + Pre-Order Offer

    The next generation of the GHL Mitras Lightbar has arrived. Our original design proved to be an effective way to provide aquariums with powerful, energy efficient illumination. Better yet, it was and still is one of the brightest LED lights on the market. We applied these traits and added new characteristics to make an even more powerful product. We present you, the GHL Mitras Lightbar 2.
  19. It's 2016, where is the ich vaccine?

    In 2014 a US patent was awarded (Patent #: 8758774 B2) for a vaccination against marine ich and several other common aquatic diseases, most notable vibriosis. The vaccine was created by taking skin swabs from fish infected with the parasite. Cerebral spinal fluid is then removed from the infected fish and added to a fluid containing the parasite (de-activated via formalin).
  20. ZeoVit System discussion.

    Will be starting threads on the various "method's" in advance reef keeping so hobbyist can understand each method better. As with anything in this hobby there is no one way or wrong way to keep a Reef tank. Here is the FAQ from the Zeovit forum so that you can understand the basic's of the system. ZeoVit Basic Information by Shadowramy Some say that ZeoVit is just the latest ‘snake oil’ to hit the reef market, while others praise the colorful results it gets. Still others believe the...
  21. New film to expose aquarium fisheries' dark side

    Snorkel Bob has ridden the anti-aquarium wave for quite some time, blaming the aquarium industry for much of what ails Hawaiian reefs, whether or not the evidence supported those conclusions. He has backed and aided in writing numerous bills to shut-down or severely limit Hawaii’s live fish collection protocol. As of yet, none have been overly successful and many of Witner’s theories have been debunked by marine biologists and researchers. I’m not surprised he’s decided to switch formats and...
  22. Review of the New Ecotech Radion G4

    LED lighting has become accepted as a legitimate lighting source in the reef aquarium hobby due to the advance features the Radion series of lights offers. We have come to expect WiFi control of our lights from our smart phones. When Ecotech introduced UV LEDs in the Radion we found out how important it was to have full spectrum in our lighting. With the Radion it became easy for owners to share their lighting schedules with each other online by exporting and importing lighting schedule...
  23. When disaster strikes, be ready ...

    I recommend having a back-up power solution that is reliable, maintained and easy to use. For this, I’ve yet to find anything that beats Generac’s generator line and transfer switch. With this system, your generator can be kept outside the house, either covered (Generac makes an exterior generator cover) or housed in a specially built enclosure. With the transfer switch an outlet is installed on the home’s exterior where the generator’s power line can be connected. In the event of a power...
  24. All About Reef Safe Wrasses in Aquaria

    Below, you will find sections about: these guidelines, wrasses which qualify as reef safe, the general requirements, feeding, shipping, quarantine, adding new wrasses to your system, mixing species and genera, the acclimation box, protogynous hermaphroditism & sexual dichromatism, “pairing” wrasses & harems, pricing and rarity, a section about each genus (Anampses, Cirrhilabrus, Halichoeres, Labroides, Macropharyngodon, Paracheilinus, Pseudocheilinus, Pseudocheilinops, Pseudojuloides, and...
  25. The intricate process of feeding

    This is a robust feeding regimen in and of itself, but is by no means complete. Feeding in this manner has to be controlled, meaning that one of the main points is to reduce waste. There shouldn’t be that much lying around and certainly not enough to sustain a diverse reef tank full of cleaner organisms. Most of these animals are primarily active at night, feeding on everything from uneaten food to fish waste, on down to biological sludge.
  26. Death Tank

    Thinking about buying a complete set up from a hobbyist that's already running? Be prepared beforehand to avoid problems when you get your new-to-you prize home.
  27. Fish Shopping 101: Tips to Buying a Healthy Fish

    Buying a new fish for your aquarium can be both an exciting and nerve-racking experience. Is this fish healthy? Is this fish a good fit for my aquarium? If I get this fish, am I sacrificing another fish down the line? These are a few of the many questions that may pop into your head, and are all very important and relevant. When choosing a new addition for your aquarium, you should consider many things. Here are a few things to consider and look for when choosing the next fish for your...
  28. How behaviorally complex are marine fish?

    Today however, advances in ethology (the science of animal behavior), sociobiology (the scientific theory that states behavior is a result of evolution), neurobiology (the application of biological principles to the study of developmental mechanisms) and ecology, scientists have a much clearer picture of both the behavior but also the conscious processes of fish.
  29. Seahorse Tankmates Guide - Part I: Fish

    * this is for "regular-sized" seahorses only and cannot be used in determining tankmates for Dwarf Seahorses. 0 Risk Rating no aggressive tendencies no food competition (*) mostly benthic/cryptic and keep to themselves 1 Risk Rating no aggressive tendencies minimal food competition mostly in water column, but does not have a fast/erratic swimming pattern 2 Risk Rating no aggressive tendencies minimal food competition mostly in water column and has fast or erratic swimming pattern 3...
  30. Why do the tang police exist?

    This captive stress often translates to a hurdle that must be overcome by the aquarist. It’s not uncommon for some tang species to be reluctant to feed and it’s not uncommon for small juvenile tangs to be harassed, if placed in a tank with larger fish. Because of this, a long quarantine period is required, which allows the fish to spend weeks alone in a tank where it cannot be harassed and special feeding techniques can be employed.
  31. Build a DIY auto filter (Rollermat) for $60!

    Automatic mechanical filtration An automatic mechanical filter provides all the benefits of running filter socks, but removes particulates before they can break down in your tank and increase nitrates, and only needs to be changed once a month or less- depending on design. The basic design is a supply role of filter media, and a spool driven by a motor that takes up used filter media. Bulk Reef Supply sells the Rollermat for $400, which is similar in function. I don’t like the design of the...
  32. Choosing Cleanup Crew Critters.

    Cleanup Crew. Tank Janitors. Tank Cleaners. Functionally, it means the same thing to every hobbyist…. inverts added to your tank to keep it nice and sparkly. It’s a necessity (Well, not an absolute necessity) Everyone has one. But, if you ask those people what critters to include, and how many…. you’ll get many MANY different answers. So, Great!~ Renee is going to tell you exactly how to stock your tank. Naw! You knew it wasn’t going to be that easy. I hope to give you some things to...
  33. Water changes, a thing of the past or necessity of the present?

    Turning your aquarium system into a fully automated, self-maintaining machine is beneficial in many ways. It greatly reduces micro-management and intervention on behalf of the aquarist. However, it’s not without cost and concern. It also encourages a “hand’s off” approach to husbandry.
  34. 'Pairing' Wrasses: That's Not How Any of this Works!

    First, we really need some understanding of how wrasses interact and live in their natural environment. In the ocean, most genera of wrasses live in harems, which consists of a group of females to one dominant male. Often, there are a few transitional males in this group as well, which are essentially males-in-waiting – waiting for their chance to overtake the current or become the new dominant male. Within this harem, there is an established hierarchy. The hierarchy exists by the...
  35. Dr. Joshi’s 500 Gallon SPS dominated mixed reef

    If you are a reef hobbyist, chances are that you are familiar with the legendary Dr. Joshi. Featured by almost, if not every, reef-keeping print publication, online blog and forum for his coral keeping ability, a quick Google search will reveal his legacy as well as pictures of his beautiful tank.
  36. Anemone Compatibility Spreadsheet!

    Hello Everyone! After much help from our fellow reefers and the rest of the reefing communities around the world, I was able to compile an Anemone Compatibility Sheet! This Sheet Addresses the Following: Which Anemones can be housed and touch in an aquarium (listed with √) Which Anemones can NOT touch each other (and is not recommended to be housed together either) (listed with X) And here is the most up to date draft Special Thanks To: @ja4207 @Nemguy123 @Psiber_Syn @DeepSeaPhilosopher...
  37. Thermal Reckoning, a Fire in the making...

    I think we've all seen an alarming number of threads talking about electrical fires. Some the power-cords have caught on fire, others a power-strip was at the heart of the issue, and others the wall outlet shorted and flared up. While some of these seemingly had no major or catastrophic issues, outside of a burned cord or power-strip, others have actually ignited part of the stand. The worse cases have actually caught their home on fire. Instructions that ship with most electrical components...
  38. Vacation Time!!!

    As we approach the vacation season once again, your Reef Squad thought it might be a good idea to address some of the questions that keep some reefers up at night prior to the trip. Worse yet, they can keep you from truly enjoying your well-deserved getaway. Let’s go over some basic things we can do to prevent that from happening.
  39. HOW TO: LIVE underwater webcam (Fish Cam)

    I've been working on this for a few years now. I gave up for a long time because there just wasn't the right kind of technology out there until recently. In the past I tried to use a USB camera but this required the camera to be attached to a computer and a program to always be running (slowing down my computer). I was also not able to use a mobile device to check the camera using this process. I tried the process again using an IP camera and an online streaming app called In...
  40. LC Blog: Leptos and Stylos, Let's Talk About Them!

    Hello reefers, So there's been a new type of coral that we've been collecting here at LC. Now this type of coral isn't as popular as say zoanthids, acroporas, or chalices. But oddly enough they still usually carry a high price tag. These corals have very thin layers of tissues that just encrust over rocks. Not sure if they're considered lps or sps, since they technically are small polyped but are fleshy like lps at times... You probably know what I'm talking about by now. Encrusters!!!...