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  1. J


    ...2” 1 – 5. $80 6. SMALL $40 BOWSER COLONY 20 – 25P / $250 BUTTMUNCHER COLONY 20 – 25P/ $100 CB WHITE ZOMBIE #1, #5, #9 / 3 – 4P / $80 EA #2, #3, #6, #7, #10 / 2P / $60 EA #4, #8, #11 / 1P / $40 EA ASD HYPER JUBILEES 1 – 2. / 4P / $80 EA 3 – 4. / 3 – 4P / $60 EA CB KRAKATOA GODS...
  2. NoVA Jackets

    Build Thread Dual Tanks - Basement Refugium

    ...your comments. Note that I'm using two return pumps in parallel. Two Mag 7 pumps should provide sufficient flow to two main tanks, refugium #2, and misc components such as a carbon/GFO reactor. I've had these two pumps for years and didn't want to spend more $ for one larger pump. Also...
  3. reefer0708

    California Mixed Bag of Goodies

    ...PE, 2p - $15 Butkisser, 3p + baby - $45 Blood Diamond, 2p - $30 AOI, 1p - SOLD ACROS WYSWYG: JF FOX Flame #1, mini colony - SOLD JF FOX Flame #2, mini colony - $100 Miyagi Tort, mini colony - $70 Pink Floyd, mini colony - SOLD Pink Caddy, mini colony - $140 Highlighter Tort, mini colony -...
  4. BReefer13

    Georgia CB Flaming Unicorn FS

    Hey guys, I appreciate all the attention on this post. The pics below is what I have left, price is $150 shipped to #1 and #2, and #250 shipped for #4. Let me know if any questions, thank you all!
  5. Billldg

    Upgrading questions

    You can try #2, but I am also in the same boat as you, new tank upgrade will go in the same spot as my current tank. I have been looking into setting up a 40b drilled with a sump, keeping it cheap as it is a temp tank, and set it up for several months before transferring everything that I want...
  6. W

    Virginia Aquariums Big growout setup FS tubs tanks aquariums

    Option #2, move up to Westminster and I'll help you set it back up. Good luck!
  7. WallyB

    DIY alkalinity standard

    ...ARE VERY CONSITANT on Results!!! ** I guess Consistanty is most imporant, within reason ** I'm want to try the More Accurate Method #2, but not so easy to get LabChem LC242001 Sodium Hydroxide Solution, 0.01N (0.01M) right now. Wondering if there is another Option. I have an Unopened...
  8. CCK_8814

    Michigan Warpaint, Bleeding Apple & Other Scoly

    Yes that’s Warpaint #2, still available, $250 + ship.
  9. therealdealdc

    UC Reef2Reef Anniversary LiveSale April 11th &12th Two Days Event, 10-2 PST

    UC branded sticks are #1, #2, and #3 for me.
  10. SaReef

    NuvoFusion 20Gal Aquascape Critique

    I like #2, as said above i would pull the rocks off the glass a little more if you plan on using a glass cleaner
  11. I

    Times Have Changed

    ...and the reason for your problems. I was shocked when I saw products to dose nitrate and phosphate. Heavy feeding - This kind of stems from #1 and #2, with the notion of heavy in, heavy out. I recall being very finicky with feeding to prevent over feeding and excess nutrients. What about...
  12. S

    Dealing with my phos

    ...Hanna test first. One tiny finger smudge on the cuvette can through you way off. Actually, tell me this: When you put the reagent into cuvette #2, did it turn a shade of blue? If not relax. Let the corals eat it. If it did turn blue, be SUPER careful with LC, It works too well for most...
  13. Shredded

    Anyone using the full ATI System?

    ...While I love the Essentials Pro, for me at least it's become very expensive to use. I dilute 4 to 1 and my daily use of #1 is 720 ml and for #2, it is 840 ml so I go thru 10 liters of each pretty quickly and at 208.00 plus tax it's a bit pricey. When I first set up the tank and bought all of...
  14. Terence

    Monster Build Gilroy 425g Build Thread (All Apex, all the time)

    ...when it was needed a few weeks back when I was in Vegas and CO2 went out - I found out from Chad (who came to bail me out) that it was actually #2, not 3a, and the tube was clogged. But, having something like this for standby is super helpful as it kept my tank from crashing until i could get...
  15. Water Dog

    Anyone know what kind of media I need for my rodi unit?

    ... If the answer is #2, then you’ll just need a DI cartridge and you’ll be all set, though adding a triple TDS meter would be immensely helpful to allow you to measure your source water, post RO membrane...
  16. mnowicki

    Euphelia help needed: white growth at base of tissue

    ...some of the base tissue when trying to remove it. Please someone that has seen this help advise what to do. My search came up empty on #2, and I only found hints on #1, which was to lower flow or its bacterial. Feels like the issues are slow so i have time to potentially make some...
  17. brandon429

    Weird reef tank cycle.

    ...misreads, we don’t use them. if ammonia is being oxidized then nitrate is being produced, even if a cheap test can’t indicate it. From post #2, once you show the dosed ammonia test, if it holds overnite without going down it means you aren’t ready. If it goes down, you are. Really clear cut...
  18. Blue Tang Clan

    Monster Build 550 Gallon: 120Lx36Wx29H + Fish Room

    Plumbing weekend -- again! Pump 1 which has the frag tank, refugium tank, and the longest piping run to the display is all set. No leaks! Pump 2 (which is the top blue horizontal piping that flows to the near side of the display tank didn't get glued and I need to rethink my tee fitting, but...
  19. Waboss

    Build Thread Waboss New 40 Breeder (from a Reefer 170)

    ...super glue/accelerator to help reinforce it. If it works well, then I'll make a new housing and put something in the tank, against the glass to support it when drilling. And point #2, there's no place where the aluminum touches water, so I'm not really concerned about in polluting the main...
  20. yeldarbj

    Oklahoma Classic Chunky Zoa Packs

    Pack #1, $225 shipped Scrambled Eggs ~15 polyps Fruit Loops ~15 polyps Sunny D's ~15 polyps Rastas ~30 polyps Utter Chaos ~15 polyps Pack #2, $180 shipped Scrambled Eggs ~9 polyps Fruit Loops ~12 polyps Sunny D's ~12 polyps Rastas ~20 polyps Utter Chaos ~10 polyps Includes USPS overnight...
  21. NYAquatic

    Madagascar Yellow Belly Regal Angels-Extreme Misbars

    and here's #2, both sides
  22. AquaBiomics

    Effects of live sand & mud on the microbial communities in my tanks (updated with new data)

    [updated Feb 17, 2020 to include data from an additional tank] One of the most common questions I get is "If there's something I don't like about my aquarium's microbiome, what can I do about it?" In this thread I'll describe my experience with this question on my own home tanks. The punchline...
  23. Legendary Corals

    Legendary Corals Anniversary Live Sale Event! 10AM Pst/1pm Est. on Saturday, January 18th. 500+ WYSIWYG Pieces! a Space Invader Pectinia that's hidden under the LC XXX Goniopora product page. There will also be a description that indicates that Image #2, the Space Invader Pectenia, is indeed a part of the Scavenger Hunt Event. Post a photo that's similar to either of these and you win! With...
  24. AJQ69

    Space Invader Question

    is just doing #2, is puffy and healthy for sure