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  1. EakTheFreak

    Quarantine Experience with Copperband Butterfly Fish

    Yeah makes no sense, I’ve seen my CBB eat 40+ white worms and tons of mysis! Must have a fast digestive track or larger stomach. #jayhamdel Any idea if CBB’s can eat more food than others in terms of capacity?
  2. Sebastiancrab

    Ich discussion

    Need to post pictures taken in white light and water parameters. #jayhamdel

    EMERGENCY Naso tang getting hole above his eye and my "Bicolor cleaner wrasse" keep annoying the naso tang ,so go with this treatment or no pleas share your experience with me and help me note : in my tank no corals i have only one pic of Anemone is 't safe for it because i don't have Quarantine tank #Hurricaneaquatic...
  4. Sebastiancrab

    EMERGENCY Young Blue Tang needs help!

    ...What are your water parameters? It may be brooklynella but not sure. It looks pretty diffuse with mucus? Flukes would be white dots. #jayhamdel...
  5. Sebastiancrab

    Royal Gramma eating very little if at all

    Good news! The clownfish is back in the DT with a full recovery! Now waiting to see if the Kanaplex fixes the royal gramma. #jayhamdel
  6. Peace River

    Hello Water perameters good, fish still dieing !

    ...the added stress can even bring out diseases that were present but not affecting the fish. You mentioned moving the water, but how much live rock did you move and how much additional rock did you add? What type of filtration are you using (HOB, canister, sump, etc.)? #jayhamdel #reefsquad
  7. P

    Is this Ick or Stress Spots it's ich and not velvet. TTM doesn't work for velvet I believe. It's concerning it went from no spots to that over night, makes me think velvet. Personally I'd suggest a FW dip and/or a reef rally dip to provide immediate relief and then treat with copper or CP. Maybe #jayhamdel will...
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