125 gallon

  1. K

    Help with sequence of events

    Hello everyone, I would love the opportunity to pick your brains a bit. So I am in the process upgrading from a 54 gallon corner tank to a 125 gallon I bought off of Facebook. (Pictures to follow). I cleaned it up, drilled it, and modified the stand. I now have a 30 gallon three stage sump and a...
  2. PinkyDinkyDoo

    Tangs for 125g

    Wondering what combination of tangs I could put in my 6ft 125g? Below are my favorites: Lemon mimac-acanthurus Purple tang-zebrasoma Kole tang Lavender tang Currently housing : Maroon clown Firefish Spotted hawkfish Lawnmower blenny
  3. F

    Powder Brown Tang and Yellow Tang in same 125G tank?

    I have only a few fish right now: 1 Lawnmower Blenny 1 Tailspot Blenny 1 Purple Orchid Dottyback 1 Firefish 1 Green Chromi 2 Clownfish I have a 125 gallon tank with a lot of live rock and wanted to add some tangs to make it look prettier and also to eat the algae I'm having a problem with...
  4. Victory652

    Build Thread 55G and almost 125g

    Hello All! I currently have a 6 month old 55g aquarium! And This weekend I will be moving a 125g 6y/o working mature reef tank to my house. Helping out a neighbor who is wanting to get out of the hobby. Any tips for moving that much water. Only 6 fish but a ton of coral is coming with it. My...
  5. 4

    California Used 125 Gallon Tank & Stand/Glass top

    Used 125 Gallon tank,stand and top all for $300. We used it for saltwater but can be used for both freshwater or saltwater. It is clean, pics are of what it looks like now. Local pickup only in southern California. Other Items: 72" Giesemann Aurora Hybrid T5 LED Light w/hanging kit- $1500 (2)...
  6. Spydersweb

    Would 1 more fish be too much?

    Hello all, I was wondering if I could get input on my stock in a 125 gallon. Everyone is about medium sized right now. I was just wondering if I could add another medium sized fish(4-6 inches or so), or should I stop while I’m ahead. My fish: Marine betta Dwarf fuzzy lion 2 ocellaris clowns...
  7. fox0521

    Not enough rock??

    Hello! Funny, I posted about my 55 gallon peninsula earlier today, asking for opinions on whether or not I should remove some rock as I felt like I had too much, and not enough room for my fish to swim! Well now I have the opposite problem, where I feel like I don’t have enough rock or places...
  8. Samsquanch

    Build Thread My 125 gallon from 75 gallon upgrade build

    After 2 years running my 75 gallon mixed reef I've upgraded. I got this beautiful tank with the stand and canopy from a LFS I painted the back with black enamel paint, I didn't paint the over flows just for ease of maintenance down the road and if I ever have to fish anyone out of the...
  9. Spydersweb

    Green and/or blue stocking suggestions

    Hello all, I’d like a splash of blue and/or green to add to my FOWLER (with some Xenia). It’s for a 125 gallon, and my current list is: - Fuzzy dwarf lion - Mystery wrasse - Valentini Puffer - Eibli angel - Ocellaris pair - Yellow eye Kole tang I’m not really looking for damsels or chromis...
  10. Soren

    Build Thread 125-gallon Peaceful Reef

    Due to acquisition of two Marineland 125-gallon tanks, my build plan has changed significantly. Current plan is to have a 125-reef with a 125-sump with the main chamber for a macroalgae display. Screenshot of 3D-model of current plan (2021-10-04 16:06): QT Update 2021-11-23: Stand painted...
  11. Cetus

    125 Gallon Reef Tank Stocking Help?

    Hey! So, I'm planning on getting a 125 gallon reef tank that's 72 inches long. I've been looking all over for what kind of fish I could add to the tank and after several weeks of adding and removing, I decided to use the unit system as described in this article...
  12. H

    Are 5 Red Sea ReefLed 90s enough for a 125 gallon SPS dominant tank?

    Are 5 Red Sea ReefLed 90s enough for a 125 gallon SPS dominant tank?
  13. H

    2 Mandarins in 125 gallon?

    So I want to keep a pair of mandarins in my planned 125 gallon w/ 55 gallon sump, but I’m afraid that they would devastate the pod populations. Could a tank this size support 2 mandarins? 5 inch sand bed, 180 pounds of live rock, and ~30 gallon refugium.
  14. H

    Good news! Build thread for 125 gallon coming around Christmas!

    Disclaimer: This is not a build thread, there aren’t any pictures yet. My dad has finally caved and decided to help me build a 125 gallon tank with 55 gallon sump around Christmas. I’ll give you the details. So first, the stocking list. 20 Ocellaris Clowns and 3 LTAs: I’ve decided to attempt a...
  15. H

    LTA and Goby compatibility?

    Soo I want some LTAs for my planned 125 gallon, will they attack gobies?
  16. Twillyg21

    Build Thread My new 65g SPS dominant tank build!

    Hello all! I started a new tank build yesterday on a 65 gallon tank with a 20 gallon sump. I’ll update as I go, but here are the pictures so far. So fricken excited!!
  17. AshwinRavi

    newish tank setup

    Hello all, a buddy of mine is looking to get rid of his 125G tank, its not a reef tank, but has 1, 1.5" inch hole on one side predrilled. I have a 75G at the moment and this 125G would be a nice upgrade if I know exactly how to set this new tank for reef. since there is a predrilled hole, I am...
  18. Colin B

    Build Thread 125 gallon mixed reef build

    Hello everyone, Welcome to my tank build. I am graduating from college in less than a month at this point and am beyond excited. So to celebrate this I am thinking of treating myself to something I've been wanting for quite sometime, a 125 gallon mixed reef tank. I found a standard non...
  19. Colin B

    125 gallon reef tank build, looking for advice and pointers for success.

    Hello, I am new to the forums but have been keeping reef tanks/fowlr tanks for the past five years. I recently picked up a 125 gallon tank that was brand new from craigslist for $100 dollars so that was too good of a deal to pass up. So, since I have picked up this tank, I was looking to see...
  20. OnlyTono

    New to R2R and just wanted to say hi!

    I'm new to R2R - only been here for a few weeks and finally getting around to posting an intro thread. I have a 5+year old mixed reef that has been through all the stages our tanks go through from the, "New tank" stage, to the, "ugly algae tank" stage to the, "kills everything but the ugly...
  21. haanstang

    Build Thread Haanstang's 210 peninsula

    So I've been Reefing for about 2 years now and have been planning this build for about 4 years it seems like. I have a 65g tank at the moment with a 30 gallon sump that is too wide for my stand so it's on the floor in the spare room ( soon to be fishroom ). Anyway my new build. The tank is a...