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  1. William Robinson

    Materials for 3D Printed Parts - Not all are created equal

    Good day to you all from North Carolina You are either reading this because you know "that guy" who has a 3D printer and said "yeah bud, I can make that for you. Just tell me what it is or get me the file". Or, you have a 3D printer and love this hobby just like myself... If youre like me...
  2. psumms

    Reef Safe 3D Printer Filament (Ultimaker Material list attached)

    Hi all, my son has a 3D printer and a couple of ideas for aquarium related products - One of which is in-water. Does anyone have any reef-safe 3D printing knowledge? I've attached a filament list of the Ultimaker compatible materials, from reading through, the CPE/PET, being FDA food safe would...
  3. Dierks

    USA Anything Else Needed? (3D Print)

    Just finished up helping with a custom 3D print for @KTipp and had a lot of fun doing it. If there is anyone else that needs any help with anything let me know as I am more then happy to help if I can! It did end up costing KTipp a couple bucks for the plastic but I still think it will be...
  4. ludnix

    3d Printed Aquarium Parts Archive Thread

    With all the different things being made and shared in the 3d printing world it can be really hard to find what is even available to us reefers. To help remedy that I thought I'd start an archive thread of all the 3d printed freely available parts I am able to find. This is only for parts that...
  5. Reefer to 3D Maker and Back Again

    Sponsored Reefer to 3D Maker and Back Again

    This article is sponsored by @Vivid Creative Aquatics There have been a lot of changes in the reefing hobby in just the past few years including innovations in equipment such as controllable DC pumps, LED lighting, plus computers that automate and run our tanks. Even our approach and...
  6. Vivid Creative Aquatics

    What do with hundreds of 3D printer filament Spools?

    We have literally hundreds of eSUN filament spools left over from printing 1000's of Random Flow Generators? So what did we do with all (well some) of them? We made a Christmas tree of course! Merry Christmas Everyone!
  7. Vivid Creative Aquatics

    HUGE Random Flow Generator - We're going REALLY big this time!

    Just wanted to share a project we are working on for a public aquarium. Cant reveal too much just yet, but i can share this monster RFG nozzle. This is the largest production model to date. It is being designed for a 4in pipe with up to 150 to 250 GPM Overall dimensional are approx 9.5in x...
  8. CreatiVe2

    Build Thread 120G (250G) Build Thread - Return after 3 years (Oct '18 Update)

    So 2 years after my new home purchase, I am now getting back into my salt water addiction. This will be my 3rd tank, but really my first "Adult" setup. I finally have enough room for a full size sump, refugium, and an observation tank. This should put the total system volume to just above 245...
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