1. J

    Acanthophylia & more

    Specials! Need gone! Acanthophylia - $785 Rainbow Chalice Frags- $80 Rainbow Welsophylia - $210 Red cynarina - $240 Acanthophylia will include a free frag of Rainbow Chalice and free shipping. All other shipping is $45
  2. E

    Unhappy Acanthophyllia

    I have three acanthophyllia in my Red Sea Peninsula 500 (132 gal). Two of them are very happy and healthy. The third one seems to be sick. It sometimes inflates but this is getting less and less frequent. Most of the time it is pretty shriveled up and sad looking. It still east reef roids but...
  3. Chipper1978

    What Is On My Acanthophyllia?

    White and stringy on skeleton. Any ideas? Pics and video attached.
  4. TheWorldsOceans

    Acanthophyllia... who has them and what did you pay

    Hi all, who has acanthophyllia. Nice indo not aussie ones. Post pics and what you paid for them. If new pic what size was it when you got it? Pic for attention.
  5. Mr_Knightley

    Sharing some of my art and sculpture with you guys.

    Hey there everyone! I've got some art to share with you all, hope you enjoy the thread as it develops over the months. I've been working on some sculptures lately that I plan to sell (possibly through R2R), but wanted to gauge the market out there before I started making too many of them...
  6. TNreeferBX

    Acantho Showoff Thread

    I wanna see some nice acanthos out there, here’s my indo
  7. P

    Mystery dark spot on Cynarina

    Does this look familiar to any Cynarina keepers? Only fish in with her is 1 clown who minds her business & a lawnmower blenny who again doesn’t mess w/ anyone. There are a couple of snails and a hermit who I have never witnessed messing with coral in general. All parameters are stable and...
  8. Joe Knows Reefs


    If you missed our biggest live sale we still have some corals left over. All left over coral are 15% off using code AUG-LIVE-2020. Some really nice pieces still out there. Check it out at this link... You will receive 15% off the sale price!! The 15%...
  9. B

    Dying Acanthophyllia or still acclimating?

    I purchased my center piece acanthophyllia from aqua SD. However, when I received it the edges looked receeded and the coral hasn’t yet opened. AquaSD tells me the edges were trimmed to remove old die off to make the coral more presentable. I Have photos from the vendor from before it was...
  10. IMG_1565.JPG


    This is an old photo of one of my Acanthophyllia while eating, taken seconds after it accepted the food.
  11. Joe Knows Reefs

    InSaNe EUPHYLLIA Update and MORE at

    Happy humpday to all you happy people out there! We just loaded up a wonderful selection of euphyllia and other LPS to our website. We were lucky enough to be able to offer up a few varieties of euphyllia that we haven't seen in years. Head on over and take a look! CLICK HERE TO VIEW NEW...
  12. ACF930

    Pennsylvania WTB Showpiece Acanthophyllia

    Seriously looking for a beautiful showpiece Acanthophyllia with 4+ colors.
  13. Mr_Knightley

    Official Acanthophyllia, Cynarina, and Indophyllia show off (and appreciation) thread!

    So... I noticed that only true "pet corals", Acanthos, Cynos, and the like, don't yet have an appreciation thread. So here it is! Post pictures and ask questions here. Acanthos & relatives,in my opinion, are some of the coolest corals out there. They come in so many different forms and...
  14. Reef Lounge USA

    Livestock ULTRA Donut Coral for SALE!

    We have some awesome ultra donut/meat coral for sale!! Under Blues... Under Whites... (Sorry these photos were taken right after moving them) $550/each + FREE SHIPPING. We can do multiple order discounts. MESSAGE FOR ANY OTHER QUESTIONS!
  15. K

    Alabama Cornbred Rainbow Chalice, Acantho, JBs, Red Devils, & More

    Hello! Thinning out some corals so I can redo my rock work. That said, shipping a flat $45; I'll eat the cost if more, via UPS Next Day Air AM. 2 hour DOA. Contiguous USA only. I've shipped a large number of items. SOLD Scoly $200. About 4" across. It is much lager, fatter than it appears...
  16. J

    Need help with dying Meat coral

    Just got this meat coral yesterday and has been in the tank for 36 hours. Today it seems like there is this brownish patch growing in the centre of the coral and white skeleton is protruding. The coral is placed at the bottom of the tank next near acans not touching whatsoever with low flow...
  17. smiley28

    WTB 3x3 or smaller Acanthophyllia

    Searching for a small acanthophyllia like the title says. Anything around 3x3 and slightly larger is alright but I’d like to start around 3x3. As far as color goes I’m up for discussing price just pm me.
  18. tristanfish

    FS: Collector Rainbow Acanthophyllia ‘Meat’ Coral

    Hello R2R, Letting go one of my collector pieces. A fave of mine. Price-$950 shipped The usual shipping policy and DOA. Overnight, styrofoam with heat packs as necessary. Pictures taken: Lights-Under reefbrite with blue plus Camera-70d Lens-100mm Thanks for peeking, BrooklynChem

    Livestock Acanthophyllia from Coralust Reef Solutions

    Wow, this is a stunning piece from Coralust Reef Solutions. Great showpiece for your tank. This is a fun coral to feed. The pictures, white light and actinic, are WYSIWYG. This coral pack can be purchased right now on R2R using paypal. Just click the top right "buy now" button. Feel free... - All-In-One Aquarium Filtration