adding new fish

  1. M

    90 gallon Tank Mates?

    Hey everyone I recently had a goby perish and am looking for ideas of replacements for sometime don’t want another goby as there is 100 gallons of live rock and he was not easy to confirm dead. I have 2 maybe 1/2-1 in clowns A blue tang about 1 and 1/2 inch (tang police relax I already have...
  2. MummysReefTank

    Advice on order of fish into tank.

    Hi All! This is my first post; I’ve got the tank up and running and it has been cycling for the past 2 weeks, its only resident a now delightfully bloated (dead) prawn.... and some Dr Tim’s. The tank size is 450l and I'd like people’s recommendations on what order to add the below fish in. They...
  3. FamilyMan_4

    New to QT

    Hey, I'm going to drop a quick question and hope for some healthy, constructive conversation here. I know this is a topic that has a general consensus, but after that it is very opinionated. I am in the middle of my cycle now and looking to prepare for livestock. I have a 30g AIO display. I...
  4. ajtomase

    Getting first first for tank

    Hi everyone, getting my Reefer 750 (160 gallons) tank soon and planning for it to be a FOWLR tank! Here's my fish wish-list below, anyone suggestion anything else I can add? Looking for lots of color and a variety of species! Fish Banggai Cardinal Fish Lawnmower Blenny Blue Reef Chromis...
  5. N11morales

    32G Biocube Stock List

    Hello I was wondering how many fish is okay to add in my tank and if these fish are compatible and able to all live together. I Have: 2 Oscellaris Clownfish Royal Gramma goby/pistol shrimp pair fire shrimp I Want to add: 2 banggai carindals fairy wrasse ( open to other ideas: types of wrasses...
  6. vivekshankarpmk

    New Tank Cycling

    Its Been 40 days since starting cycling my new tank. I added 4 mollies by slowly converting them to saltwater environment. Its in the tank for the past 5 days they are doing good and taking marine pellets. My question is when shall i add marine fishes and when should i turn on the protein...
  7. Spydersweb

    How often to add new fish?

    Hello all, So this would be added to a newly cycled 90 gallon aquarium. With two small fish be appropriate to add after cycling? With three fish be OK? Or should I just add one? After adding the fish, when would be appropriate to add another fish or two? After two weeks? After a month? With...
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